Ukrainian figure skaters agreed to give an interview in Russian

Ukrainian figure skaters Serova and Hobta invited journalists to speak Russian at the European Championship MOSCOW, Jan 25 — Ukrainian figure skaters Violetta Serova and Ivan Hobta invited journalists to speak Russian after their performance at the European Championships. After the performance, the athletes came to the mixed zone, where the journalists invited them to … Read more

Ukrainian Mudryk set a record in his debut game for Chelsea

Ukrainian Mudryk in his debut match for Chelsea became the fastest player of the season in the Premier League MOSCOW, 24 Jan – Ukrainian midfielder of the London football club “Chelsea” Mykhailo Mudryk set a record for running speed in the current season of the English Premier League (EPL) in his debut match against Liverpool … Read more

Teammate appreciated the debut of the Ukrainian, bought for 100 million euros

Chelsea captain Azpilicueta called the Ukrainian bought for 100 million euros ambitious MOSCOW, Jan 23 — The captain of the football club “Chelsea” Cesar Azpilicueta believes that the Ukrainian Mykhailo Mudryk will become an important player for the London club. The Ukrainian midfielder made his debut in the new club in the match of the … Read more

Fury called the confrontation with the Ukrainian Usyk the fight of the century

Boxer Fury considers the upcoming confrontation with the Ukrainian Usyk the fight of the century MOSCOW, Jan 23 — British boxer Tyson Fury believes that his upcoming fight against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk can be called “the fight of the century”. The fight between Fury and Usyk was supposed to take place no later than March … Read more

Ukrainian fighter spoke about his scandalous dance at UFC 283

Ukrainian UFC fighter Loss about his dance: shot in the air because I respect the enemy MOSCOW, Jan 22 – /strong>. Ukrainian MMA fighter Igor Poterya told what his dance meant after a technical knockout victory over Brazilian legend Mauricio Rua at UFC 283 in Rio de Janeiro, according to MMA Fighting. Note that after … Read more

Ukrainian infuriated UFC fighters and fans with dance

Ukrainian UFC fighter Loss infuriated fighters and fans with his dance after defeating Rua MOSCOW, Jan 22 – The behavior of Ukrainian fighter Igor Poteri pissed off UFC fighters and fans after the athlete’s victory over Brazilian Mauricio Rua at UFC 283 in Rio de Janeiro. The light heavyweight bout between Rua and Loss ended … Read more

Ukrainian Igor Poterya ahead of schedule defeated the UFC legend

Ukrainian MMA fighter Loss defeated Brazilian Rua ahead of schedule at UFC 283 MOSCOW, Jan 22 – /strong>. Ukrainian fighter of mixed martial arts (MMA) Igor Loss to Brazilian Mauricio Rua at the 283rd numbered UFC tournament in Rio de Janeiro. The confrontation ended with a technical knockout in the debut round. This is the … Read more