Videos with fans dancing to “Katyusha” in the USA and England are gaining popularity

Videos of fans of the US and England national teams dancing to Katyusha are gaining popularity on the Web MOSCOW, 26 Nov – Fans of the US and England national teams danced to “Katyusha” near the stadium before the match of the second round of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. A … Read more

The best fights of Manny Pacquiao in November, Pacman boxing records, videos of the best fights

Manny Pacquiao is undeniably one of the greatest boxers in history. His best fights entered the annals of boxing. It is noteworthy that some of his incredible performances fell in November. This month is the most successful in his career – 10 wins, 0 losses and one draw. The only draw was back in 2001 … Read more

“Rangers” defeated “Detroit” in the NHL match, statistics and Panarin’s new achievement, Kravtsov’s first score, videos of the best

The NHL hasn’t seen such a victory in 30 years! Panarin laid the foundation for a unique rout Sergey Emelyanov November 11, 2022 The Russian striker again entered the history of the Rangers and even helped Vitaly Kravtsov to interrupt his black streak. A three-game losing streak against the Detroit Red Wings pushed the New … Read more

UEFA Nations League, the main sensation, the Hungarian national team, the best players, videos of the goals of England, Germany and Italy, Cherchesov

There is no Russian national team in the League of Nations, but this tournament is still worth watching. There are enough sensations there, and, perhaps, the main one is the performance of Hungary in the “group of death”. A clear outsider got to the top teams and gave an amazing performance. Now let’s talk in … Read more

Relaxation Videos – Top 5 Relaxation Videos in Good Quality

5 atmospheric videos to help you relax at home on the weekend Margarita Ivannikova September 25, 2022 You can dive deep without scuba gear and go into space without a rocket. There are times when you don’t want to leave the house at all, and the weather doesn’t favor this either: it’s cold outside, it’s … Read more