Vitaly Kravtsov has three injuries in four games of the NHL season, what happens to Vitaly Kravtsov at the Rangers

Russian talent has turned into crystal. Kravtsov suffered three injuries in four NHL games! Rodion Vlasov October 30, 2022 So far, almost all game and non-game factors are playing against the Rangers forward. Perhaps the exchange will save him? It is difficult to understand what kind of curse haunts Vitaly Kravtsov. By the end of … Read more

10 drivers who were removed from Formula 1 too early – Vitaly Petrov, Sergey Sirotkin, Pastor Maldonado and others

It is hardly a secret for anyone: F-1 can be as unfair as possible, and whether you become the world champion or fly out like a traffic jam after the first season largely depends on luck. Today we’ve rounded up 10 drivers who definitely deserved to stay longer in F1 and get another chance to … Read more

What awaits Vitaly Kravtsov in the new season, video of Vitaly Kravtsov’s injury

The return of Russian talent to the Rangers is a drama: he got injured without playing two minutes Rodion Vlasov October 12, 2022, 13:00 Moscow time The path of Vitaly Kravtsov in the NHL was thorny. From the very start of the new season, unfortunately, he has problems again. The more American fans expected from … Read more

“Vityaz” put up for the draft of refusals defender Vitaly Menshikov

© press service of HC “Vityaz”Hockey players “Vityaz” before the start of the KHL match MOSCOW, 23 Sep – Moscow Region “Vityaz” put defender Vitaly Menshikov in the draft, the press service of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) reports. In May, the 33-year-old defender signed a one-year contract with Vityaz. This season Menshikov has played … Read more