"Didn’t mean to cut her gorgeous breasts": Bystrov – about a quarrel with Semenovich

Bystrov: my words about Semenovich’s breasts were taken out of context, I didn’t want to offend her MOSCOW, June 5 – Ex-football player of the Russian national team Vladimir Bystrov spoke about the conflict with the former figure skater Anna Semenovich. Earlier in an interview, the athlete said that Semenovich should have reduced his breast … Read more

"Cowardly football": Bystrov criticized Semak

Bystrov harshly criticized Semak for “cowardly football” in the match with “Malmo” MOSCOW, 24 Nov – Former Zenit footballer Vladimir Bystrov was dissatisfied with the performance of the team from St. Petersburg in the Champions League match against Malmo. On the air of the Match-TV channel, the former Zenit midfielder was outraged by the fact … Read more

"I almost died on the field!" Bystrov – about playing for "Spartacus" after alcohol

Bystrov: in “Spartak” I drank once three days before the match and almost died on the field MOSCOW, Nov 10 – Former midfielder of Moscow “Spartak” Vladimir Bystrov told how drinking alcohol before the game can affect a football player. “I had one drink three days before the match and I was accidentally released for … Read more