The infamous jumper Danil Lysenko returned to the sector after a four-year suspension and won the first tournament. In Ural’s Irbit, at the Sverdlovsk Region Cup stage, he jumped 2.31 m – with such a result he would have won the recent Russian championship in Cheboksary. Moreover, Danil achieved a beautiful victory in a face-to-face confrontation not with anyone, but with the leader of the Russian national team Ilya Ivanyuk!

Cool story for Russian sports. The only pity is that Lysenko is trailing the trail of a scandal that cost our athletics very dearly.

Winning on a slippery slope

Lysenko, of course, well done. He really is back in a way that only champions return. And Danil is the winner of the 2018 Winter World Championship and the silver medalist of the 2017 Summer World Championship. He has a 2.40 m jump and a victory over the strongest Qatari Mutaz Barshim, an Olympic champion, whom no one can beat now.

In Irbit, in the sector, there was still the same Lysenko as four years ago, with some kind of cat-like jumping technique. Danil jumped on the first attempt at 2.00, 2.10, 2.20 and 2.24 m. Even taking into account the fact that real miracles were happening in the sector. For example, during the jumps of Nikita Kurbanov, the bar fell by itself, although the athlete made attempts with a huge margin.

It was all about sector coverage and strong winds. The temporary construction, made for the competition, was springy, sliding, or anything but stable. So it turned out that the bar was already staggering during the run-up of the participants, and during the repulsion it was already starting to fall. Russian champion Ilya Ivanyuk, for example, just fell – the rubber floor went off when he did a clean and jerk during the 2.31m attempt.

This height, by the way, for Ilya turned out to be insurmountable. But Lysenko coped with the third attempt and won the competition, receiving 30 thousand rubles.

The story is really beautiful. Lysenko did not compete for four years, he returned to the sector for the first time since 2018 and immediately won. The return of the athlete, who was called the main talent of the generation, is cool.

Sanctions due to stupidity and indifference

But it would be much cooler if our athletes could now compete at international competitions. After February 24, Russian athletes were suspended from almost all competitions with rare exceptions, but fierce sanctions on our athletics were applied long before that.

In general, the ARAF was deprived of almost all rights at the end of 2015. But gradually things went to ensure that World Athletics lifted the sanctions. However, in the summer of 2018, everything collapsed due to the fact that Danil Lysenko received the third flag before the European Championship in Berlin, that is, he missed three visits of doping controllers.

He did not take illegal drugs, but he was too frivolous about the fact that the sanctions for flags are the same as for doping. In our athletics, getting flags is really easy. For example, at the Russian team championship in Sochi at the end of May 2022, 96 athletes received flags. For what? Yes, for nothing. In the ADAMS system, they entered the correct data, but did not indicate that they were in competition.

Who is guilty? Yes, the devil knows. Professional athletes in any case should be extremely scrupulous about such things. Four years ago, Lysenko hardly thought what his frivolity and indifference could lead to.

Danil Lysenko, 2017

Danil Lysenko, 2017

Photo: RIA Novosti

Three flags – two years of disqualification (maybe less if he confessed to everything right away). But then the performance at the Tokyo Olympics was under threat. About the fact that the Games will be postponed for a year due to a pandemic, no one could have imagined either.

In general, Lysenko, at the suggestion of his senior comrades – the leadership of the VFLA and the coach – went to deceit and forgery. Provided a fake certificate from a non-existent hospital to remove one of the flags. Obviously, he was promised a “cover”, but in the end, all Russian athletes turned out to be “covered”.

The deception was revealed, neutral statuses remained, but a huge fine of 6.31 million dollars was added to the sanctions, and the number of athletes from Russia at the main starts was limited to 10 participants.

Even in the track and field get-together there is no consensus about the degree of Danila Lysenko’s fault in what happened. Who is he – the hero who eventually confessed and told the whole truth? A deceiver, because of which a whole generation of athletes was locked up in Russia and had no chance of international starts? A victim of circumstance?

This story will be remembered for a long time.

Danil Lysenko survived four hellish years and returned. Returned to high level. It seems that he is ready to defeat the invincible Barshim again. If only they were allowed to compete with him.

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