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Talk to a Hong Kong bowler who was out to Dhoni – his wicket for me was equal to 5 wickets, so did it

After the have the same opinion, the players came to meet the Indian players. During this, Ehsaan moreover posed for photos previously Rohit and . Apart from the favor, supplement players as well as took photographs subsequently and subsidiary Indian players. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was seen giving bowl tips though congratulated Ahsan for his wonderful bowling.

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Ehsan Khan, the 33-year-early Hong Kong bowler, has been the subject of expression after Dhoni’s dismissal in the Asia Cup. Dhoni caught the wickets of Zaheer at the hands of the eagerly hesitated, after taking wickets he bowed around the field. After the be in agreement, in the press conference, Ehsan said that Dhoni’s wicket was a moment to recall throughout the ages.

In an interview considering CrickNext, Ehsan talked roughly the maintenance. Ehsan said just approximately the occasion of celebrating concerning the pitch, “The players ornament almost the field after taking five wickets, but Dhoni’s wicket for me was equal to five wickets. After the concur, I was telling my colleagues that today I have achieved six wickets. Dhoni’s wicket will produce an effect to meet the expense of my cricket career a supplement admin. “According to Ehsan, gone he bowled the ball, he did not profit any voice. They appealed to the wicketkeeper to magnetism, but in the back, they meet the expense of a ruling announced his decision, Dhoni himself started going out of the auditorium.

After the acquiesce, the Hong Kong players came to meet the Indian players. During this, Ehsaan in addition to posing for photos considering Rohit and Dhoni. Apart from the favor, added players in addition to took photographs once Dhoni and add-on Indian players. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was seen giving bowling tips even if Dhoni congratulated Ehsan for bowling his high regard. Explain that in the back the seeing eye to eye against India, Ehsan had as well as taken two wickets against Bangladesh.

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Ehsan said, “Before the fall in the midst of against Pakistan, I went to meet Pakistani players during Net Practices. During this, Mohammed Amir had told me that he would put the half-century in his first three overs against his team in the resolved. I got out in the tie-in and I got out of it and it was a big triumph for me at the forefront that wicket. “Ehsan has for that defense far away taken 29 wickets in 15 one-hours of day internationals, even if he has taken 6 wickets in 4 international T20 matches.

Eshsaan and Dhoni Photo source- BCCI TV

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