Tampa Bay – Colorado, 4th match. At 7:0 and 6:2, the magnificent Stanley Cup will not end

Danil Moiseev

Danil Moiseev

The defending champions had an excellent third match. Further it will be even more interesting.

On June 23, the Tampa Bay Lightning will play the fourth match of the Stanley Cup Finals series against the Colorado Avalanche. The meeting starts at 3:00 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already made a prediction, they cannot single out a favorite. You can bet on the Lightning victory in regular time with a coefficient of 2.45, the Avalanche success is also available at bookmakers for 2.45.

The Tampa coach answered a question about Kucherov’s injury.

Bookmaker odds for NHL Playoff Game 4 Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche June 23, 2022

Bookmakers have no doubt that the fourth match of the NHL playoff final Tampa Bay – Colorado on June 23 will be productive: the total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.65, and the total under 5.5 goals goes for 2.24. You can bet on a goal in the first minute at bookmakers with odds of 10.50. On a draw in regular time, they offer to bet for 4.20.

“Tampa Bay” – “Colorado”: forecast and analysis of the fourth match of the Stanley Cup final (06/23/2022)

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche is scheduled for June 23 in the National Hockey League. It will take place on the ice of the Amali Arena in Tampa. At the moment, the score in the series is 2-1 in favor of Colorado. John Cooper played one match, but it’s too early to talk about the transition of the initiative into the hands of Tampa.

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The third match of the series for the hosts turned out to be excellent – they beat the opponents with a score of 6:2, having avenged to some extent for 0:7 in the second meeting. The whole team did their best. The offense finally gave a cool game, having realized 18.75% of 32 shots. Darcy Kemper in the middle of the meeting after missing five goals was replaced by Pavel Francouz, who missed one more time.

Journalist Rousseau: the only question is who will pay Nichushkin a lot of money.

Although Colorado made 39 shots on goal by Andrey Vasilevsky, they converted only 5.13%. Vasilevsky repelled 37 shots. This time the attack of “avalanches” bit the elbows. Valery Nichushkin could open an account already in the fifth minute, but after the video review, the referees recorded an offside position. However, Gabriel Landeskog did not regret for a long time – after three minutes he opened the scoring.

However, then the guests conceded two goals with a difference of 111 seconds. In the second period, Nick Paul solidified the Lightning’s lead. Gabriel Landeskog answered this with his second goal, but more guests in the match did not differ. But Nikita Kucherov and Viktor Hedman gave two assists each, and Steven Stamkos earned 1+1. The third period went without goals.

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Daniil Medvedev – Aslan Karatsev. The scandal with his wife and coach is over, but you need to fix it

In the third meeting, the attack of the hosts outplayed the guests by almost one wicket. The goalkeeper also played a big role. Now the difference in the goalkeeper’s line is in front of my eyes, for Colorado this is a wake-up call. Plus, Tampa Bay lost only once in 10 games in this playoff on home ice and seem to have perked up after a humiliating 0-7 in the second battle of the final.

Tampa Coach: Vasilevsky went through 0:7 and showed class.

Even the bookmakers for the fourth match give equal chances for the teams to win. In general, it is logical. The hosts will try to take the second game at home, so Jared Bednar will have to figure out how to beat Vasilevsky again. In our opinion, many goals should be expected in the fourth meeting, especially since rivals less than seven have not yet scored for two in the final series.

But to say that Colorado has an advantage after such a game, we would not. “Lightning” skilled and experienced, the line-up is interesting. There are both old, experienced guys, and younger, hot ones. The guests are also doing well with this, too, but they did not take two Stanley Cups in a row. Although the beginning of the Avalanche series was simply gorgeous, here they are praised and honored.

I don’t want to go home with a 2-2 score in the series, but Tampa will not be in the best position with a 1-3 score, and therefore will try to win again. In the fourth game, we would consider the bet “1X + total over 5.5 goals” for a factor of 2.70. Lightning houses feel confident. Although it is clear that Avalanche did not just come to visit. The struggle will certainly pick up the degree.

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It seems that in the fourth game the opponents will not honor each other with an easy walk. Rather, it is even more worth waiting for something similar to the first match of the series, where everything went to overtime. We will definitely not say that one of the teams has an advantage now. However, John Cooper’s wards after 6:2 are on an emotional upsurge and have every chance of at least not losing in regular time. So let’s focus on the combined rate. Let’s play it safe.

Tampa Bay – Colorado: prediction and bet on the 4th game of the NHL playoff finals on June 23, 2022

Tampa Bay at home dealt with the opponent without any problems in the first home game of the series, Andrey Vasilevsky after 0:7 was at his best. The statistics of Lightning games at home are impressive, especially in the playoffs. Colorado will have to try, but they also have skillful guys in their roster. So the rivals are worth each other. And yet, in the fourth game, we would check the combined bet that the hosts would not lose through total over.

Bid: Tampa Bay won’t lose in regulation time + over 5.5 goals for 2.70.

“Tampa” soaked the score in the series. Is this a turning point?

Nikita Kucherov repeated Gretzky’s record.

Sergei Tolchinsky called Rafael Nadal his sidekick.

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