Tampa Bay – Colorado, 3rd match. 7:0 is not the limit. Valery Nichushkin is going dry!

Danil Moiseev

Danil Moiseev

The Russian striker earned four points in two games in the final. The Lightning’s business is so-so.

On June 21, the Tampa Bay Lightning will take on the third match of the Stanley Cup Finals series against the Colorado Avalanche. The meeting starts at 3:00 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already made a prediction, they cannot single out a favorite. You can bet on the victory of Lightning in regular time with a coefficient of 2.66, the success of Avalanche is available in bookmakers for 2.43.

The NHL conducted a survey of what salary Nichushkin deserves under the new contract.

Bookmaker odds for NHL Playoff Game 3 Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche June 21, 2022

Bookmakers doubt that the third match of the NHL playoff final Tampa Bay – Colorado on June 21 will be productive: the total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.90, and the total under 5.5 goals goes for 2.10. You can bet on a goal in the first 10 minutes at bookmakers with odds of 1.69. On a draw in regular time, they offer to bet for 4.65.

Tampa Bay – Colorado: prediction and analysis of the third match of the Stanley Cup final (06/21/2022)

The third meeting of the Stanley Cup final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche is scheduled for June 21 in the National Hockey League. It will take place on the ice of the Amali Arena in Tampa. At the moment, the score in the series is 2-0 in favor of Colorado. John Cooper is now completely unhappy, although the series is not over yet.

Tampa takes revenge for the defeat in the Stanley Cup, Torpedo - Enisey: what to watch on June 20
Tampa takes revenge for the defeat in the Stanley Cup, Torpedo – Enisey: what to watch on June 20

In the second match in Denver, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the opponent 7-0. The hosts inflated the pace of the game from the first minutes, and the guests were not ready for that development. Valery Nichushkin opened the scoring in the third minute of the match. Five minutes later, Josh Manson extended the lead. Five minutes later, Andre Burakowski brought the score to 3:0.

In the second period, Valery Nichushkin scored a double, and Darren Helm brought the score to a completely indecent one – 5:0. Cale Makar in the last twenty minutes also scored a double and set the final score. Tampa Bay will definitely not put this match in the treasury of the best. The guests made only 16 shots on the Colorado goal. Very unusual for them.

Yes, and Andrei Vasilevsky was not up to par in that meeting, although he deprived Valery Nichushkin of a hat-trick. Reflected only 23 of 30 shots on target. To put it mildly, not the most successful match. But in Avalanche, it seems that Valery Nichushkin begins to outshine even Nathan McKinnon. The Russian has four points in two games in the final when Nathan provided only two assists.

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Valery’s progress is undeniable. Even the head coach of the Avalanches admires the striker in this series. Plus, the team itself is doing great. Darcy Kemper in the last meeting reflected all 16 shots. Although it is not worth considering that the Avalanche goalkeeper line is better. While the numbers are on the side of Andrei Vasilevsky, he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the league.

A Canadian insider spoke about the future of Nichushkin.

So relax “Colorado” early. Especially since the series is going to Tampa, where the hosts beat the Rangers without any problems in the Western Conference Finals. In addition, on their ice they lost only once in all 18 playoff games, namely in the series with the Toronto Maple Leafs. That series reached the seventh match. But in general, the houses “lightning” feel great.

On the other hand, in the last five face-to-face meetings, Colorado has won three times in Tampa. And this is a very good start before the third battle in the Stanley Cup finals. It is also curious that the opponents only once scored less than five goals for two. In addition, in the second game, the Lightning’s attack evaporated, and therefore now they will probably try to rectify the situation.

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LeBron James and the Lakers are not dangerous. Curry took over the NBA

If in the first meeting the wards of John Cooper managed to put the squeeze on the hosts in regular time and transfer the game to overtime, then in the second meeting the Avalanche were not allowed to do anything. And now for John Cooper comes a turning point. Guests on an emotional upsurge and play in the attack without jitters. And this is a significant factor.

One Valery Nichushkin was worth something in the second match. Although the head coach of Tampa is confident in Andrey Vasilevsky. The goalkeeper is the main trump card in this series, of course. The attack also includes Nikita Kucherov, revealed Mikhail Sergachev and Ondrej Palat, who in the series with the Rangers was the leader in winning goals. Plus, the rivals are still observing the tradition of riding matches.

I think the move to Tampa will help the Lightning, and the teams will continue in the same spirit. Let’s check the total over 5.5 goals for 1.90. Plus, at the moment, the Avalanche are on horseback, they even have a weak goalkeeper line closed by good defense and an excellent attack. So in the third game, you can even take a chance and check the frontal victory of Colorado for 2.43. Who wants to play it safe – there is a final victory of the guests for 1.93.

Of course, it is also worth noting that this is the second time in the NHL that the score has become so large in the Stanley Cup Final. The first time this happened was in 1991 in a match between Pittsburgh and Minnesota, where the Penguins won 8-0. Tampa certainly did not expect such an outcome. Two-time Stanley Cup winners can be mentally depressed.

Tampa Bay – Colorado: prediction and bet on the 3rd game of the NHL playoff finals on June 21, 2022

“Colorado” had a great second match of the series, not allowing the opponent to create chances at their gates. Now the series is heading to Tampa, where the hosts are playing confidently in the playoffs. Although in head-to-head meetings in Tampa, the Avalanche even have an advantage. As long as the teams keep the trend for riding meetings, we will check again.

Bet 1: victory “Colorado Avalanche” in regulation time for 2.43.

Bet 2:
total in the match over 5.5 goals for 1.90.

Fetisov: Vasilevsky’s psychology cannot be broken.

The Athletic: The only question is who will pay Nichushkin big money.

The NHL coach said that Nichushkin was a useless hockey player.

Sergei Bobrovsky may leave Florida because of the high salary.


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