May 13 will be the sixth match of the 1/8 finals of the NHL playoffs Tampa Bay Lightning – Toronto Maple Leafs. The meeting starts at 02:30 Moscow time. Bookmakers have already given a forecast, they consider the hosts to be the favorites. You can bet on the Lightning to win in regular time with a coefficient of 2.16, the success of the Maple Leafs is available at bookmakers for 2.71.

Why will Tampa take the series from Toronto to the seventh game?

Odds for NHL Playoff Game 6 Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs May 13, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the 6th match of the NHL playoff series “Tampa Bay” – “Toronto” on May 13 will be productive: the total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.51, and the total under 5.5 goals goes for 2.39. You can bet on a goal in the first 10 minutes at bookmakers with odds of 1.59. In regular time, they offer to bet on a draw for 4.65.

Tampa Bay – Toronto: analysis and prediction for the 6th match of the 1/8 finals of the Stanley Cup (05/13/2022)

Four matches of the 1/8 finals of the Stanley Cup are scheduled for May 13 in the National Hockey League. We would pay special attention to the sixth match of the series “Tampa Bay” – “Toronto”. It will take place on the ice of the Amali Arena in Tampa. The score in the series is 3-2 in favor of the Maple Leafs. More John Cooper and his team have no room for error.

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In the fifth match, according to the material already studied, Toronto took the lead, winning with a score of 4:3. And the third time in this series. For “Tampa” this situation is very unpleasant. Nobody likes to be in the role of a catch-up, especially when you are the defending champion. And you can’t say from the game that the Maple Leafs are head and shoulders above the Lightning. However, the more interesting.

Ovechkin repeated a unique achievement for Washington players.

Although it is worth noting that at the beginning of the third period, Tampa even led the score (2: 1), but missed three goals in 11 minutes. Auston Matthews scored the Canadian win with seven points in five games. Ilya Mikheev scored with an assist, he has four points in the same time. William Nylander scored a goal and assisted, he has five points.

As part of Tampa, Nikita Kucherov chalked up two assists, he has seven points in five games, but only one goal. This is not enough, more is needed. Stephen Stamkos and Victor Hedman scored goals. Too bad it wasn’t enough to win. Andrey Vasilevsky saved only 21 of 25 shots as Tampa hit 35 and Jack Campbell saved 32.

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Andrei Vasilevsky’s statistics disappointed, although we must pay tribute to the opponent, who showed a good implementation. Ahead, perhaps, the main match of the series. The intrigue is on the limit, since Toronto can remove all questions now. “Tampa” will have to try to bring the case to the seventh game. In terms of strength and style of play, the rivals are not inferior to each other at all.

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this pair. The only logical fact is that the Lightning have always been in the role of catching up, but they have always equalized the score. In the sixth match, according to this logic, they should win again. But will that be the case? In this series, “Tampa” plays so-so in defense, allows the opponent a lot, which is not at all like a championship game.

Kirill Kaprizov turned to his partners in Minnesota after a devastating defeat.

Andrei Vasilevsky no longer always helps out – he has 88.08% of reflected shots in the playoffs. Although still a formidable force and the main hope of the team. However, there is work to be done. It is impossible to say unequivocally that this team can take the third Stanley Cup in a row. Big problems overtook already in the first round. And further forecasts are quite alarming.

On its ice in face-to-face meetings with Toronto, the Lightnings are not going smoothly. Over the last two battles, the statistics were divided equally, but in the regular season for the past five cases, the hosts have won only two victories. Not much. It seems that in the sixth match there will again be many goals, but the victory will happen in one puck. John Cooper desperately needs to equalize in the series, but Sheldon Keefe is already set to complete the first round.

There will be many fights for sure. Nobody is going to give up. In our opinion, the guests are now in a better position, but they obviously do not plan to relax. We haven’t gone beyond the first round since 2016, and now there is a great opportunity to fix this. Motivation must be overwhelming. We would even consider the bet “X2 + total over 3.5 goals” for 1.91.

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Tampa have a lot of experience, many current players have won the title in the last season. However, psychology comes to the fore here. At the moment, the Lightnings are not very good at controlling the situation, and the Maple Leafs are one step away from a sensation. The owners still have chances, but in this situation, it seems that only a miracle can save them.

Tampa Bay – Toronto: prediction and bet for the 6th NHL playoff game on May 13, 2022

“Tampa Bay” in the series is in the role of catching up. There are problems with the defense, Andrei Vasilevsky also has not the best statistics of reflected shots. “Toronto” does not experience problems with psychology, now the club is on the rise, motivated. With goals, too, everything is consistently good. And in face-to-face meetings in Tampa, the Maple Leafs looked cheerful. Looks like the reigning champion is out.

Bid: Toronto won’t lose + over 3.5 goals for 1.91.

Plushev compared Kaprizov with Mikhail Lomonosov.

Boris Mayorov admitted that he had forgotten about the start of the World Hockey Championship.

Sushinsky said that Kaprizov surpassed Ovechkin and Malkin in terms of the level of play.

Sergei Fedorov commented on the rumor about the interest of Detroit.


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