Tennis Ball Cricket World Cup to be played between India and Pakistan


Tennis Ball Cricket World Cup: India and Pakistan are going to take on each other on the cricket field. But this time it will be in tennis ball cricket.

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India and Pakistan

The match between India and Pakistan will also be played in the Tennis Ball Cricket World Cup starting from 8 March at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

This match will be played on 11 March. According to the news, West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo is the icon of this tournament and he will also participate in the final match.

India’s coach in the Tennis Ball Cricket World Cup will be Bharat Lohar and manager Javed Sheikh. Pakistan’s coach Asif Mumtaz and manager Usman.

There was a match between India and Pakistan in tennis ball cricket in the year 2013-14. Both teams clashed in the final of the Under 19 Asia Cup. And the senior team, there was a match between the two teams in the tri-series played in South Africa in March 2000.

Last year, 16 teams played the Tennis Ball Cricket World Cup. This year 20 teams are participating. All matches will be of 10–10 overs.

Abdul Latif Khan is the tournament organizer and chairman of Peterman Company. He said, ‘This format is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. Many veterans have started their careers by playing tennis ball cricket in India and Pakistan. Therefore, we are giving respect to this game by making India-Pakistan match. If we succeed in this, then more matches of India-Pakistan will be held in the future.’

Both teams players

India: Ankur Singh, Omkar Desai, Thomas Dias, Moinuddin Sheikh, Krishna Satpute, Usman Patel, Sumit Dhekale, Yogesh Painkar, Ajit Mohite, Dinesh Nadkarni, Saroj, Vishwajit Takur, Jafar Jamal, Vijay Pavle, Sultan Khan.

Pakistan: Shiraz Ahmed, Zaheer Kalia, Mubashar Ahmed, Karim Khan, Fahimullah Shah, Wajid Khan, Irfan, Saddam Shah, Usman Pesar, Jalat Khan, Karna Zain, Shebaz Ahmed, Nadir, Syed Maqsood, Samiullah.

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