Guessing the sport from the photo is not so easy. Testing Yourself with the Championship Quiz

Pavel Sukhorukov

Pavel Sukhorukov

Can you tell the difference between wakesurfing, stand up surfing and wakeboarding?

We try to talk more about extreme sports and entertainment for those who like outdoor activities. You probably already know that you can have fun and useful time in any season. Beaches with water sports are open in summer, while skiing and snowboarding awaits you on the slopes in winter. Yes, and fitness clubs are always ready for your arrival – and there you can find something that you have never tried. Simply put, there are a million possibilities.

We write and read a lot about different sports. Therefore, today we want to arrange a small test of your (and our!) Knowledge. For some, the test will be lighter than a fruit salad for breakfast, and for some, it will be harder than a pork knuckle at midnight. But we promise, it will be interesting for everyone. Gather your thoughts and let’s go!

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