5 Massage Roll Exercises to Relax Your Whole Body

5 massage roll exercises for relaxation

Just 10 minutes of exercise a day is enough.

After a workout, muscles often hurt, they feel tension. But you can get rid of it. In addition to the usual stretching, you can do exercises with a massage roll. They are also good for relaxing muscles.

<a href="https://www.championat.com/authors/4745/1.html">Elena Skoblova</a>” title=”<a href="https://www.championat.com/authors/4745/1.html">Elena Skoblova</a>“/></div><p>Supervisor and Master Trainer at the World –°lass Gym</p><p class=Massage rolls, or myofascial release rolls, can be used both after a workout to speed up recovery, and before as a warm-up to improve mobility.

Rolls come in different sizes and firmness. When working with it should not be too painful, on a ten-point scale of feeling about seven. Pick the one you feel comfortable with.


Execution technique

  • Get up, put the roll on the floor.
  • Cover the roll so that it is in the center of the foot.
  • Press lightly to move back and forth.
  • Then switch legs and repeat.

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  • Sit down, put the roll on the floor, the drumstick on top. Put your hands behind your back.
  • Pressing lightly, move forward to the knee.
  • Then move back to the starting position.
  • Change your leg and do the same.

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Other exercises that will help prepare for training are described in the article.

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Back of the thigh

  • Fix the roll on the back of the knee of the right leg.
  • Put your hands behind your back and lift your buttocks.
  • The left foot may remain on the floor.
  • Make rolling movements back and forth.
  • At the extreme point, the roll is near the buttocks.
  • Repeat the exercise on the second leg.

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Anterior thigh

  • Get into a plank position. Place your left foot on the floor.
  • Place your right thigh on the roll.
  • Pressing lightly, move back and forth to the extreme points of the thigh.
  • Perform on both legs.

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  • Sit down, put the roll on the floor behind your back.
  • Lie on the roll, it should be in the lower part of the lower back.
  • With a rolling motion, move the body so that the roll is on the shoulders.

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Save yourself these exercises, because the muscles need not only to train, but also to relax.

More about ways to relax after a workout told in the material.

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Total relaxation: how to relax after a workout

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