CSKA continued to try to form a team that will be able to compete even despite all the sanctions that Russia suffers. They signed a contract with Jonas Jerebko, an experienced NBA player, who was expelled from the Swedish national team because of that signature. Jerebko was without a club for a long time, as he terminated his contract with Khimki due to unpaid salaries, and now, although he found a club, he was left without a national team, but also sponsorship agreements.

Immediately after Jerebko’s signing for CSKA, the Swedish Basketball Association informed the basketball player that they had to “talk” about his new club, and everything indicated that his representative episode was over, and that happened only 24 hours later. – As a player of the national team, Jonas Jerebko is a representative of Swedish basketball and he is also a person with whom we, as an organization, have human relations. That is why it was crucial for us to talk to him before we announced our position.

The Secretary-General of the Federation, Frederik Julamo, talked to Jonas about his choice to play in Russia and told him that he was so directly opposed to the values ​​of Swedish basketball. After this conversation, we were forced to say that there are no conditions for Jerebko to represent the Swedish basketball team – it is stated in the announcement of the Federation.


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