The Russian boxer defeated the absolute world champion in the second middleweight Saul Alvarez.

Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol defeated Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez and defended his world light heavyweight title according to the World Boxing Association (WBA Super). The judges unanimously awarded the victory to the Russian, who had been booed by the stands before and to whom many predicted defeat. Details – in the material “Izvestia”.

How Russians were met in the USA

The fight took place in the American Las Vegas, at the T-Mobile Arena. It cannot be said that the 31-year-old Russian felt comfortable before the competition. The event itself was in doubt – the Klitschko brothers tried to prevent it from taking place, calling for the cancellation of the fight with the participation of the Russian boxer because of the Ukrainian events. However, the World Boxing Association decided that this would be an unfair punishment for both opponents – the Russian always behaved with dignity in and out of the ring, and the Mexican decided to fight for the world light heavyweight title even before the start of the special operation.

As Bivol later admitted, before the fight he spent a whole week in a hotel room and was very tired of it. In addition, the Russian had to perform without a flag and an anthem, unlike his opponent, and when he entered the ring, he was booed by the stands. But, perhaps, all this not only did not interfere with the boxer, but, on the contrary, only added to his determination and ultimately became the key to his success.

Numerous experts agreed that Dmitry Bivol would be able to put up a worthy resistance to one of the strongest boxers in the world, but they predicted a victory for the Mexican, and perhaps even an early one. So, for example, in a survey by The Ring magazine, out of twenty experts, 19 bet on Alvarez and only one suggested a draw.

How was the fight
Before the fight, the Russian looked calm and focused, despite the active performances of Alvarez’s fans and insulting whistles addressed to him. However, this only helped him to tune in to victory.

  • In my last fights, I did not enjoy the process, because they were not a challenge for me – I defended the belt against some guys, and everyone bet on me. And today I enjoyed it, I heard how many fans were screaming, and this motivated me, – he said after the fight.

As follows from the referee’s notes, Bivol lost most of the fight to Alvarez – until the 10th round he was inferior with a score of 85:86. However, this was the calculation – the Russian chose a defensive style and waited for the opponent to get tired and start making mistakes.

“He only threw power punches, with an investment, and after them he got a little tired. Canelo fights well when he is a counterpuncher, but I forced him to go forward, and I myself became a counterpuncher – that was the key to victory, – said the Russian and added that from the very beginning of the fight “I saw all his punches, I saw what he wanted to do “.

As a result, the fight ended in the triumph of the Russian with a score of 115:113, the decision of the judges – Dave Moretti, Steve Weisfeld and Tim Cheetham – was unanimous. This was the 20th victory in the 20th fight in Dmitry Bivol’s professional career.

  • There is an understanding that I did my job, which I had to do. I believed that I could win, I have enough to win against a boxer like Alvarez, the winner said immediately after the fight.

For Saul Alvarez, this defeat was the second in his professional career with 57 previous victories. The only one who was able to defeat the Mexican before was the undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

By the way, the latter was expecting Bivol to win. The ex-world boxing champion bet $10,000 on him and won more than $50,000.

Why Bivol beat Alvarez
Russian boxer of the first heavy weight Dmitry Kudryashov is sure that the Mexican team made a mistake by choosing a Russian as an opponent.

“I have already said that styles make fights, and Dmitry Bivol is stylistically completely inconvenient for Saul Alvarez,” he emphasized.

Kudryashov doubted the victory of the Mexican even before the fight.

  • Dmitry is a boxer who absolutely does not suit Alvarez stylistically. The Mexican is more active at medium or close range, shakes and conducts his combinations. Bivol is completely different. He rolls his opponents on his feet at a distance, – he explained.

As Bivol admitted, his team knew in advance what tricks the opponent would use, and tried to practice them.

“Someone has natural strength, I don’t have it, with Canelo I didn’t feel natural strength for this particular weight. He tried to recharge, to invest, this is not a natural force, ”he said after the fight. – I knew that he would charge into punches, he would hit me on the body, on the arm, he would hit the left hook. I expected this and it happened.

Alvarez also said that he intends to exercise the right to a rematch with Bivol.

“Today I lost and he won, no excuses, it happens in boxing, there are victories and defeats … he is a great fighter,” said the loser.


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