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The best games of the new PS Plus: what you should definitely play for free on PS4 and PS5


New PlayStation Plus turned out to be a truly successful service for PS4 and PS5 owners – we have already talked about this more than once. The subscription has three levels – Essential, Extra and Deluxe (or Premium). Today it’s time to talk about the best games available on the PS Plus Extra tier.

Why Extra? It’s simple: it includes about 400 games specifically for PS4 and PS5, and the catalog is updated every month. According to the July selection, we already see that it is the second level that is most actively expanding – we will consider it the main one for PS Plus.

What games will we list? There are a lot of real hits here – you can easily find them even without our materials. This is Spider-Man, and Assassin’s Creed, and God of War, and many, many others. Here we want to tell you more about “hidden diamonds” or those releases, which seem to be a pity to spend money on, but would like to try. However, we will still tell about some hits.

How to profitably buy PS Plus and PlayStation games in Russia

The Messenger

At first glance, an unremarkable old-school action game actually turns out to be an excellent classic game in the style of the old Ninja Gaiden. The most interesting thing here is how the developers use the visual style.

First you play linear action in 8-bit style (NES), and later you go to the future with 16-bit graphics (SNES, SEGA Mega Drive). Moving between eras is reflected not only in the visual style, but also in the music. Moreover, even later, the developers open the map to search for the right items.

From a simple linear action game, the game turns into a real metroidvania.

The Messenger is the kind of game that is very easy to overlook. It is unlikely that at first glance, many will run to spend money on it, but to get acquainted by subscription is the very thing. Surely then you want to buy it for your personal library.


A game about a cat in the world of the future, where humanity has died. Agree, it sounds intriguing! The game itself turned out to be a good adventure for 5-8 hours, where the cat will accidentally go to save the whole world of robots and solve many mysteries along the way and escape from certain death more than once.

Stray makes the greatest impression when the player is allowed to do typical cat-making: sleep, eat, drink, tear apart a sofa or carpet, stroke someone’s leg, hiss at unpleasant creatures, and the like. Cats are definitely not allowed to pass.

Everyone is waiting for the game about the cat Stray. We have already passed it and share our impressions

Outer Wilds

This game is a huge mystery. The less you know about her, the better. But here are the introductory ones: in a small solar system, the protagonist is trying to understand why every 22 minutes the world “reboots”. How you do this is entirely up to you and your deduction.

The passage will take about five to 20 hours – it all depends on how quickly you put together all the important information.

Returnal (PS5)

At first glance, this is a high-profile PS5 exclusive, but in fact, few have met the action. The main character crashes on an unknown planet, which she soon begins to study in an attempt to survive. Gradually, she finds the corpses of herself and her strange audio messages – but she does not remember writing them down. After it turns out that after death the heroine wakes up again at the ship, but the world around changes each time.

The gameplay of Returnal most of all resembles a wild mixture of classic third-person action games with old arcade games: the player needs to constantly move, otherwise a few missed hits can send you to the very beginning of the level.

Returnal is a rather hardcore and niche game, it will obviously not appeal to everyone, but at the same time it is very beautiful – a lot of money was obviously spent on development. Buying an action game for 5,500 rubles is obviously reckless, but trying it out by subscription is just right!

Tetris effect

What? “Tetris”? Yes, but don’t rush through. The gameplay of Tetris Effect is indeed almost the most ordinary Tetris, but what makes it special is the entourage, visual performance and music. This is not so much a game as a unique performance – and at each level it is completely different.

You will be surprised how the most ordinary “Tetris” can be almost the main game on the console.


It’s just a very difficult platformer. Like Super Meat Boy? Celeste will definitely like it. It is much more complex and complex, and in parallel with this, there is also a rather deep story about mental health and acceptance.

And visually, Celeste looks pretty nice – a bright visual style is hidden behind simple graphics.


Joking aside, Ashen is really very reminiscent of Dark Souls. There is a similar combat system, there is a familiar level design and approach to exploring the world with the ability to cooperate with other players. Ashen is distinguished by several points:

  • unusual visual style;
  • upgrades go through new items, not numbers in the stats.

Ashen is really very reminiscent of Dark Souls, but it is much more gentle and meditative. The pace is so different that with a lot of similar elements, you don’t even want to call the game “another Dark Souls clone”.

Great series that a lot of people don’t know about.

Dead Cells

The developers themselves describe Dead Cells as a “metroidvania roguelike with Dark Souls elements.” And that’s a pretty fair description. Everything is standard here: levels change after each death, bosses meet periodically, and after death you have to start from the very beginning.

Distinguish Dead Cells well, a very pleasant feeling from the battles and a vivid visual style. By launching Dead Cells, you can lose several hours of your life at once – it is incredibly addictive, and after each death, only “well, one more time, now I’ll definitely go further!”

Desperados 3

Tactical quest in the setting of the Wild West. Sounds intriguing? Luckily, Desperados 3 is also a great game. There is nothing personal here: according to the plot, we have a typical spaghetti western, where someone wants to somehow take revenge on someone. Gameplay-wise, we need to act carefully and deliberately so as not to die from the first enemy.

The biggest twist is that the tactics are not turn-based, but real-time. Will have to get used to!

Desperados 3 is run by the still young mimimi Games team, best known for the samurai tactics Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.


Parkour action, where everything is decided by the moment. In the role of a futuristic ninja, you have to climb to the very top of the local cyberpunk city. The hero has advanced acrobatic and combat skills, but he dies from any injury – just like his opponents. Decisions will have to be made quickly!

In general, the levels are designed in such a way that you are more likely to solve riddles – run into the room, run to the right along the wall, block the shot, kill the first enemy, jump sharply in the slide, strive for the second and so on. At the same time, most often such moments are passed in far more than one way – it all depends on the player.

John Wick Hex

The game based on the John Wick movies that you hardly imagined when you heard the words “game based on the John Wick movies”. This is a tactical action game where each action takes a certain time: it will take two seconds to shoot, three seconds to hit.

Being in different situations, you have to evaluate your chances and act based on the situation. If the enemy shoots earlier, it is better to try to dodge or somehow stun him, since it will no longer be possible to shoot in time.

An amazingly creative game, and at the end of each level you can also look at the “record” of passing the level.

Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite series is usually neglected, but in fact they are excellent stealth action games. Especially the fourth and fifth parts. In fact, this is no longer a “sniper simulator”, but a full-fledged action game about covert passage. The player has spacious locations, many options for completing goals and an extensive arsenal. Here is the goal – fulfill it.

From the same Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain with a similar approach, Sniper Elite 4 is distinguished by really thoughtful levels – these are not just thoughtless wastelands, each of which can be equally boring to clear.

Tip – play on higher difficulty. There, the enemies behave more interestingly, and the player has fewer cheat assistants.

“Thor 4” – what was the joke, Marvel?

The Council

The Council is one of the most successful attempts to make friends between old-fashioned quests and modern interactive films. Everything is not as simple here as in some Detroit: Become Human, where you actually watch a movie and occasionally explore locations.

In The Council, you have to explore the world, look for clues, think in dialogues, interrogate interlocutors and the like. The gameplay here is well intertwined with the story. However, the game has enough of its own problems – the first half of the story is much stronger than the second. By the end, the plot is already beginning to tire, and the answers are not satisfying.

The Last Guardian

The player in the role of a little boy finds himself in an unknown place, and next to him is a huge animal. It is naughty, but clearly not hostile. An unexpected couple has to find a common language in order to return home.

This is where the most interesting begins, because in order to solve many riddles, the beast must be given instructions. However, at first he does them very reluctantly. To make the animal more obedient, it must be stroked, fed and cared for. Closer to the finale, the duo will become inseparable, and the player himself will become emotionally attached to the beast.

The Last Guardian is excellent at building an emotional connection between the player and the game. A few games can boast of this. However, not everything is perfect in the adventure game – Trico’s management and disobedience can piss off even the most calm people. But if you overpower yourself, you will open a charming game.


Role-playing game about a vampire doctor in the age of plague. The main feature of Vampyr is that the player always has a choice: “eat” the character and increase their strength or spare the hero and remain without an increase in power. The whole game is built around this: having “absorbed” the hero, you can then lose entire storylines, clues or evidence, and if there are too many corpses in the city area, he will become too dangerous and will be “lost”.

Vampyr is a game of contrasts. It sounds great on paper, but it doesn’t really work the way you’d hope. However, it is still an interesting release that is definitely worth a try. Sometimes such “crooked games” are remembered much better than the next AAA blockbusters.

Briefly, what else is worth paying attention to

  • WRC 10 is a great rally simulator.
  • Absolver is a creative and unusual 3rd person fighting game.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Ghost of a Tale is an adventure about a little mouse.
  • Observation is a story-driven game where the player controls the AI ​​on a space station.
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an old-fashioned RPG from Russian developers.


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