The best young players of the 2nd round of the RPL: ​​Zakharyan, Khlusevich, Yakovlev, Oganesyan, the youth of Dynamo, CSKA, Spartak

Which of the young flashed in the second round of the RPL. In the top Moscow and – suddenly – Orenburg

The new coaches of Dynamo and Spartak are actively introducing young people into the squad.

Despite the July heat, the new season in the RPL started surprisingly rapidly. In the first six matches of the second round – six defeats! The picture was slightly diversified by the final two games on Sunday, but there were a lot of goals there too – they were simply distributed more evenly. It is gratifying that young people are playing more and more prominent roles in the championship. That’s who especially excelled last weekend (the ranking takes into account players no older than 21 at the start of the tournament).

Which of the young people showed himself most brightly in the first round of the RPL. Full alignment

Vladislav Yakovlev, CSKA, 20 years old

Vladislav Yakovlev

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

It would seem that you can make it to the clearing in four (including compensated!) minutes. Don’t even sweat too much. As soon as you run up, it’s time to go to the locker room. The army man Yakovlev had enough time to roll the ball into the empty net of Medina (the third assist for Vlad at the base of CSKA and the second in the RPL) and give out a couple more key passes. Now Vladimir Fedotov, as an experienced psychologist and teacher, simply cannot help but encourage his “joker” with additional playing minutes in the next round. Deserved.

Stepan Oganesyan, Orenburg, 20 years old

Stepan Hovhannisyan


Oganesyan was in good standing in the second team of Spartak-2 and, predictably, quickly found a job after its sudden closure. The young winger also fit into the game pattern of the new club without any problems. Already in the second match for Orenburg, Stepan made the first effective action at the Premier League level: with one pass he cut off several Ural players from the ball at once and contributed to the first of three goals of the sensational hero of the Sychevy tour.

Daniil Khlusevich, Spartak, 21

Daniil Khlusevich

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

“Spartak” “dismantled” on Saturday “Krasnodar” on his field, and one of the most prominent figures on the lawn was a young man with the number 82 on a red and white jersey. This time Khlusevich from the first minutes replaced the disqualified Rybus on the left flank of the defense and did it in such a way that if I were the Pole I would already begin to worry about the safety of my place at the base. Experienced Ionov did not deliver a single blow from the territory controlled by Daniil. At the same time, the Spartak station wagon also succeeded in creating: after his cross, Promes doubled the score. Khlusevich has been in the “youth” top 5 for the second week in a row.

Alexander Kutitsky, Dynamo, 20 years old

Alexander Kutitsky

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Dynamo played the first derby of the summer with two 20-year-old guys in the center of defense. Even last season, with Ordets, Balbuena and Evgeniev in the clip, it was impossible to imagine this. The departure of the legionnaires opened the doors of the base more widely in front of the recent understudies, and at least in the match with Torpedo, few people noticed the fundamental difference in the level between those who left and those who remained. Even with a reference to the class and inexperience of the opponent, Kutitsky’s statistics look impressive: 96% of accurate passes, 85% of martial arts won, 4 tackles. His partner Sazonov’s numbers are a bit more modest, but he also has the right to take the past match into a plus. It will be interesting to see the guys under more serious pressure.

Arsen Zakharyan, Dynamo, 19 years old

Arsen Zakharyan

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Zakharyan compensated for the not very convincing game with Rostov at the start of the season with the brightest performance against Torpedo. In the first half, Arsene was unstoppable and took an active part in all three Dynamo goals: he gave Smolov two one-on-one appearances (goal + penalty), and then delighted the people in the stands with an amazing blow from the left corner of the penalty area to the far “nine” . Nine also rated the actions of the young Dynamo statistical platform whoscored. Only Smolov (9.2) received more for the derby, and from the rest of the participants of the tour – only the soldier Medina (9.4) and the find of Orenburg Sycheva (9.6).

Dynamo declassified Torpedo. It’s already scary for the Borodyuk team

And a few more facts:

  • Dynamo coach Jokanovic involved the most young people on the tour – six players from 19 to 21 years old. Karpin had five of them in Rostov;
  • apart from Zakharyan, no one else from the U21 category scored at the weekend. A teammate and the same age as Arsen Gladyshev succeeded differently – coming on as a substitute, he earned a penalty;
  • among the anti-heroes of the round are the youngsters of Lokomotiv: goalkeeper Khudyakov has a scoring blunder in the passive, defensive midfielder Beka-Bek has a stupid send-off, striker Isidore has 0 shots on goal;
  • not a single player under the age of 21 has yet been used in the championship by Akhmat coach Talalaev.

Young players (under 21) in the second round of the RPL

Player Club Asc. Min. goals Ass. Oud. Key. Unit otb. Saves WS
Zakharyan “Dynamo” 19 89 one one 2 four 15/47% 3 8.99
Kutitsky “Dynamo” twenty 90 13/85% four 7.66
Khlusevich “Spartacus” 21 88 one one one 20/60% 2 7.62
Sazonov “Dynamo” twenty 90 9/89% 7.42
Hovhannisyan “Orenburg” twenty 27 one 10/40% 7.31
Bašić “Orenburg” twenty 83 3 11/73% one 7.27
Olusegun “Krasnodar” twenty 90 2 one 23/61% 7.1
Bozhenov “Khimki” 21 86 2 12/42% 2 7.09
Khotulev “Orenburg” 19 90 one 15/67% 7.04
Alexandrov “Paris NN” twenty 87 2 18/61% 2 6.99
Kuzmichev “Ural” 21 90 7/71% one 6.95
Fasson “Locomotive” 21 45 one 10/70% 6.91
Gbane “Khimki” 21 85 one 20/50% 6.91
Yakovlev CSKA twenty four one 3 1/100% 6.9
Mukhin CSKA twenty 90 12/25% 2 6.82
Odoevsky “Zenith” 19 90 2/100% 0 6.76
Litvinov “Spartacus” twenty 56 2 4/25% one 6.72
Isidore “Locomotive” 21 83 15/33% 6.68
Gladyshev “Dynamo” 19 28 9/44% 6.62
Shchetinin “Rostov” twenty eighteen one 2 3/67% 6.51
Sungatulin “Ural” twenty 79 one 15/47% 3 6.48
Kornyushin “Paris NN” twenty 74 14/43% one 6.37
The black “Khimki” 21 four 4/100% one 6.37
Litvinov “Krasnodar” 21 90 15/60% four 6.33
Gagnidze “Dynamo” 19 13 4/75% 6.32
Reichmen “Torpedo” twenty 90 one 13/31% 6.32
Ivakhov “Torch” 19 eleven one 3/100% 6.32
Ermakov CSKA 19 eighteen 2/50% one 6.24
Manelov “Krasnodar” 19 29 5/60% one 6.19
Denisov “Spartacus” 19 90 one 8/25% one 6.1
Prokhin “Rostov” 21 78 17/59% 6.07
Silyanov “Rostov” 21 84 one one 16/63% 6.07
Volkov “Krasnodar” 19 83 one 14/71% 6.04
Titkov “Orenburg” 21 7 3/33% one 6.03
Melekhin “Rostov” eighteen 12 2/50% 6.03
Sokolov “Wings” eighteen 31 one 4/25% 6.02
Langovich “Rostov” 19 6 1/0% 6
Sadygov “Khimki” 21 5 2/0% 5.99
Yuldoshev “Paris NN” 21 16 4/0% 5.96
Turishchev “Torpedo” twenty 57 3 14/29% 5.94
Khubulov “Wings” 21 fifteen 2/0% 5.94
Shiltsov “Paris NN” twenty fifteen one 2/100% 5.94
Tyukavin “Dynamo” twenty 13 6/33% 5.9
beka-beka “Locomotive” 21 65 12/75% 3 5.69
Kovalenko “Wings” eighteen 56 one one 21/24% 5.56
Khudyakov “Locomotive” eighteen 90 1/100% one 5.26

Notation. Asc. — age, min. – minutes on the field, ass. – assists, key. — key passes, units. — martial arts (total/successful), WS — whoscored platform score.

Used data from Instat and Whoscored.

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