The court denied Gazizov a lawsuit against Spartak for 300 million rubles

MOSCOW, April 28 – The Sixth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction (Samara) agreed with a lower court that refused Shamil Gazizov, the ex-general director of Spartak Football Club JSC, to recover more than 299 million rubles of debt from the club on severance pay.
As follows from the information on the official website of the court, the court of cassation on Thursday rejected Gazizov’s complaint against the judicial act of the Supreme Court of Bashkiria, which in December, on the appeal of Spartak, overturned the decision of the first instance, which fully satisfied Gazizov’s requirements.
The Oktyabrsky District Court of Ufa in June ordered the club to pay the former CEO more than 299 million rubles of principal, more than 5 million rubles of interest and 10,000 rubles of moral damages.
An additional agreement to the contract with Gazizov, which determined the conditions for his dismissal from the club, including the amount of severance pay – more than 399 million rubles – was signed by the chairman of the board of directors of Spartak, Leonid Fedun.
One of the club’s shareholders, the Capital Assets company, which owns a 22% stake in Spartak, challenged the additional agreement in the Moscow Arbitration Court, and at present it has been declared illegal by the courts of appeal and cassation as concluded in violation of corporate procedures. Gazizov recently appealed these judicial acts to the Supreme Court of Russia.
Gazizov served as CEO of Spartak from July to December 2020. Before moving to the capital club, the functionary held a similar position in Ufa. Now he is working again in the Bashkir club.



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