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The court in the Moscow region will interrogate the basketball player Greiner in the case of drug smuggling

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KHIMKI, 26 Jul – The Khimki Court of the Moscow Region on Tuesday will hold a court hearing in the case of basketball player Brittney Greiner on the smuggling of hash oil, the press service of the court reported.
The court session is scheduled for July 26 at 10:00 am.
The process was postponed to allow the basketball player to meet with lawyers and prepare for interrogation.
At the last meeting on July 15, the defense presented in court a permit issued in the United States by the Arizona Department of Health for the use of medical cannabis, as the athlete complained of severe chronic debilitating pain. In addition, the lawyers attached to the case file a certificate of Greiner’s income, according to which she has been paying taxes in Russia since 2015. The amount was not announced, but the defense referred to the fact that it was “multi-million dollar taxes.”
Last Friday, US congressmen introduced a draft resolution to the US Senate calling for the immediate release of the basketball player.
Greiner had previously pleaded guilty in court, but insisted that she had no intent to commit a crime, and she “was going in a hurry.”
In February, Griner, who arrived on a flight from New York, was detained at Sheremetyevo Airport. Inspection of hand luggage revealed that the American woman had “vapes” with a liquid with a specific smell. An examination determined that the liquid was hashish oil. A criminal case was initiated on drug smuggling, she was arrested. The sanction of the article provides for from 5 to 10 years in prison.



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