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Football fans, archive photo - 1920, 08/10/2022

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MOSCOW, 10 Aug – The Moscow Arbitration Court confirmed the legality of the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia, which fined the Fonbet bookmaker for 100 thousand rubles for a commercial calling for breaking silence at night, follows from the published court decision.
The controversial video, which a TV viewer in Tatarstan complained to the FAS, was shown in 2021 during TV broadcasts of the European Championship matches. It used the phrases “football is the best time to make some noise after 11” and “the time we’ve been waiting so long to make a noise”.
Meanwhile, in a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including Tatarstan and Moscow, so-called “laws on silence” are in force. In particular, Tatarstan banned “playing musical instruments, screaming, whistling, singing”, as well as other actions that entail “violation of the peace of citizens and silence at night.”
The courts of two instances earlier upheld the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) issued in December on the violation of the advertising legislation by the bookmaker. Fonbet tried to prove in court that there is no indication in the advertisement that the statement “this is the best time to make noise after 11” refers specifically to night time and that there is no call for specific actions that are forbidden to be performed at night by law.
However, the courts found that the video “shows how the day fades and nighttime comes, and with it the approach of the start of a football match, footage of the city at night is shown.” As noted in the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court, it directly follows from the content of the advertisement that the sporting event takes place at night and the bookmaker “offers to place bets on the upcoming match, which takes place at night.”
The courts came to the conclusion that “the commercial induces the spectators of football matches, which are the target audience of the advertising of LLC F.O.N., to commit an unlawful act – breaking the silence at night”, and this is a violation of one of the norms of the law “On advertising”. Based on its December decision, the FAS issued a decision in March to bring the violator to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine of 100 thousand rubles, which the bookmaker disputed in this case. The court of first instance rejected Fonbet’s application.


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