Former head coach of the Norwegian cross-country skiing team Vidar Löfshus was skeptical about the decision of the coaching staff of the Russian national team to hold the first training camp in the 2022/2023 season in Crimea.

In Crimea, the skiers of the Yuri Borodavko group will begin their preparation for the season, where, among others, three-time Olympic champion Alexander Bolshunov and the owner of the Big Crystal Globe at the end of the past season, Natalya Nepryaeva, work. The collection starts May 15th.

“From the outside, it may seem that they are doing this in order to show that everything is as usual in Russia. Even if there is a special operation in the immediate vicinity, it does not matter. This sounds really weird. But in this sense, nothing surprises me in the position of Russian leaders. Nothing surprising at all, ”Lofshus Nettavisen quotes.


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