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Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina

MOSCOW, 8 Aug – Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina said that now she is motivated by being in the top 10 of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) championship race, although previously such a thought had a negative effect on the results.
On Monday night, Kasatkina won the WTA 500 tournament in the American San Jose and rose for the first time in her career to the ninth line of the world ranking, she is the first racket of Russia. In the championship race, the Russian woman is on the third line, at the end of the season, the best eight tennis players of this rating will take part in the WTA Final Tournament.
“For my coach, the race is more important than the actual ranking. Being in the top eight in August is a big deal. I think I had a pretty normal season, normal results. I didn’t have any downs, maybe just a few, that’s the most important thing As I said, the lucky ticket goes to the most stable,” the WTA website quotes Kasatkin.
“I remember when I was also in the championship race in 2018. It was exactly in the middle of the season when I was in the top ten in the race. This thought was killing me, I was not ready for such thoughts. Now I have a different mentality, a different approach to it. It gives me motivation. I want it, so it helps me. As long as it works,” she added.


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