I tore the RPL, and now Mourinho is not needed. What happened to Karpin’s pet

Alexey Zinin

Alexey Zinin

Former RPL player no longer needed by Roma

Instead of Shomurodov, they have already taken the star of Juventus.

In 2019, José Mourinho was invited to commentate on the Asian Cup. At that time, the coach was moving away from being fired from Manchester United and enthusiastically plunged into a new project. It was then that he first learned about Eldor Shomurodov. A little more time passed, and a personal meeting took place. It was organized by the football player’s agent German Tkachenko. Then Eldor was surprised that the Portuguese knew not only the player himself, but also his statistics. As a keepsake, they took a selfie together. Shomurodov was delighted, because as a child he was a Chelsea fan Jose. Who would have thought that in a couple of years this nice man would criticize the striker already as a head coach. And he will inform the management of Roma that he does not see him in the team in the new season.

Mourinho - again with a European trophy!  Roma win despite first-half drama
Mourinho – again with a European trophy! Roma win despite first-half drama

So claims the site Corriere Dello Sport. According to them, Roma intends to get rid of the striker, whom Valery Karpin loves so much, since Eldor did not impress the coach in the summer off-season. Initially, the club was going to give the player a chance after a bad past. But, apparently, he did not justify it. According to the publication, Eldor has options in other clubs in Serie A. However, the interest is not that huge.

An important argument for a possible departure is the invitation of Paulo Dybala. Few expected the Argentine to choose Roma after leaving Juventus for free. But supposedly Mourinho played a big role in this. He personally called Dybala and talked about big tasks and ambitions in the new season. And he promised to build a team around the Argentinean. The arguments worked, and a good salary became an additional incentive. In general, “Roma” powerfully spends the summer company – the club has satisfied almost all the requirements of Jose. Zeki Celik was taken from Lille, Mile Svilar from Benfica, and Nemanja Matic from Manchester United. In fact, the main positions have been strengthened. And it is logical that it is now important for the coach to avoid oversaturation with players.

Eldor Shomurodov

Eldor Shomurodov

Photo: Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Several players have already left Roma, and in Italy they are sure that Shomurodov could be next. He got time in three friendlies but didn’t make a big impression. Therefore, the question can only be in the exit strategy: the club will wait until the end of the transfer window and choose the best offer.

How did Shomurodov play last season?

No matter. Initially, Eldor was taken to replace Jacko, but he never became a replacement. Largely due to the fact that Mourinho signed well-known to him Tammy Abraham. So at the beginning of the season, Shomurodov still had practice, and after that he sat on the bench and basically got time in the end of matches. In total, only five goals scored in nine months – not what was expected in Rome.

The peak of discontent is the beginning of the year. Roma led 3:1 at Juve, then Shomurodov appeared on the field, and the game ended 3:4. Mourinho smashed everyone, including Eldora personally. And Roma fans described the player with approximately the same mood: he has talent, but lacks mental malice. And without her, Mourinho’s team is nowhere.

More than 20 transfers per week in Europe!  How teams have been updated
More than 20 transfers per week in Europe! How teams have been updated

In the spring, Shomurodov publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of playing time.

“I am unhappy with my playing time at Roma. I want to play more. Relationship with Mourinho? Good ones. Maybe not like before, but still good. I have a contract with the club. If I play more, I will stay. But I no longer have the desire to sit on the bench, ”RomaPress.net quotes the player.

Later, a refutation of these words was received. Allegedly, the player was misunderstood. But the sediment remained. In the next 10 matches, the forward spent only 83 minutes. Obviously not just like that. However, at the end of the season there was a hotbed of hope. In Italy, this was associated with hard work in training – he did not go unnoticed by the coach. Hence, several matches at the end of the season and even a substitution in the Conference League final with Feyenoord.

However, now the story at Roma seems to be close to the finish line. There are few options: either remain the third striker, or look for options in other clubs.

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