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The general director of Shakhtar said that the club could sue FIFA for the decision on legionnaires

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MOSCOW, 26 Jul – The general director of the Kyiv-based Shakhtar football club, Sergei Palkin, said that allowing foreign players to suspend contracts with Ukrainian clubs allowed football agents to get rich.
Earlier, the International Football Federation (FIFA) extended the permission to suspend contracts with Russian clubs for foreign players until June 2023, in connection with which a number of legionnaires left the teams of the Russian Premier League (RPL). A similar measure is envisaged in relation to Ukrainian clubs due to the situation in the country.
“We sent a letter to FIFA saying that if they don’t help us in this situation, then we will sue them. The decision gave the agents the opportunity to become much richer, because they can tell other clubs that they don’t have to pay Shakhtar Donetsk, but they can get more commissions from this. This is a huge challenge for us, because we need to create an almost completely new team, “Mirror quotes Palkin.
“Fifa should have paid attention to the situation with Shakhtar Donetsk in 2014, not now. Their decision does not support Ukrainian clubs, it destroys them – we have a lot of foreigners in the league. We have lost deals worth almost 50 million euros” , said the CEO.
Before the start of the special operation in Ukraine, there were 14 legionnaires in Shakhtar, almost all of them left the team when they got the opportunity to suspend the contract.



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