The head of the NOC of Italy Malago spoke out against the participation of Russians in the tennis tournament in Rome

MOSCOW, 25 April – The head of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Italy, Giovanni Malago, opposed the admission of Russian tennis players to participate in the Masters series tournament in Rome.
Earlier, Corriere della Sera announced that Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi intends to prevent Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participating in the tournament. Malago supported Draghi, saying that such a decision would be in line with the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
“As the president of the NOC and a member of the IOC, I am involved in sports policy. In Italy, I repeat, I represent the IOC, and the executive committee of the organization recommended that all federations not invite Russian and Belarusian athletes to tournaments and sporting events. Wimbledon, organized by a private club, followed this instruction” , – quotes Malago Corriere della Sera.
He also noted that the final decision on the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the tournament in Rome should be taken by the government, which will assess the situation and make a choice. “All the most important international federations welcomed the recommendations of the IOC and followed them. Only the world of tennis was amazed that Wimbledon adhered to the decision of the International Olympic World,” added the head of the Italian NOC.
On Wednesday, the organizers of the Wimbledon tournament refused Russian and Belarusian tennis players to participate in the competition because of the situation in Ukraine. Also, players from Russia and Belarus were banned from playing at grass tournaments in the UK under the auspices of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).
Russian and Belarusian tennis players are allowed to ATP and WTA tournaments in a neutral status in all countries except the UK. “Masters” in Rome will be held from 9 to 15 May.



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