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MOSCOW, 20 Jul – Secretary General of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Matti Nurminen said that at the moment it is too early to restore contact with Russia.
“In the first weeks of work, there was no natural contact in any direction. Sometimes the world changes, we keep the doors open, but now the time for contacts (with Russia) has not come,” Iltalehti quotes Nurminen.
In February, the IIHF Council suspended the national teams of Russia and Belarus from international competitions for an indefinite period. The teams have already missed the 2022 World Cup in Finland. In addition, the Disciplinary Board ruled in favor of the IIHF regarding the withdrawal of Russia’s rights to host the 2023 Youth and Senior World Championships, as well as the decision not to appoint Russian arbitrators for international tournaments and to ban Russian officials from holding positions on IIHF committees.


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