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The Italian government shut down the Football League because of the Coronavirus

The Italian government has decided to postpone all sports events in Italy until April 3.

Ronaldo (Image source: Youtube)

These include Italy’s top league in domestic football, Sir Ao. Italy had to make this decision because of the outbreak of coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus may not be the winner of the drawn nine-time league. In the wake of the coronavirus, Italy announced that all sports will be postponed until April 3, including Italy’s top league series ‘A’.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued the order through a televised speech. Said, “I’m going to issue an order, which in essence means that I will be home. Be yours too It doesn’t make sense to continue competing with other games, including Siri ‘A’. Specifically, I’m thinking about the football competition Siri. I’m sorry but every football lover has to abide by this decree. Not even a gym can be used at this time. ‘

Earlier, Italy’s National Olympic Committee (CONI), in consultation with various sports federations, said in a statement on Monday that they had asked the government to take action on the issue, which resulted in the government’s announcement.

Earlier, Siri ‘A’ decided to continue the league on a spectacular field. Juventus-Inter have also been behind closed doors on one of the most important matches of the day.

Ronaldo might not be celebrating with the league title this time as the league stalled.

However, European competition matches will be played on a spectacular field. Juventus will play at home next week against Leo, and Inter will play against Gataf in Spain. Roma will host Sevia next week.

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