Passions around the remake The Last of Us to release only increase. Initially, the controversial project has already been discussed several times in a particularly heated debate. Now the release seems to be treated even worse than at the time of the announcement. So what’s wrong? Let’s figure it out together.


They decided to sell The Last of Us remake at a premium price of as much as $ 70. If you do not take into account inflation, this is more expensive than the starting prices of the original for PS3 and the remaster for PS4, although there was noticeably more content there. Let’s compare:

  • original for PS3 – for $ 60 you got the game and multiplayer;
  • PS4 remaster – for $50 you got the game, add-on and multiplayer;
  • PS5 remake – for $70 you get the game with the add-on.
And now the remaster without discounts costs $ 20 and is included in PS Plus

And now the remaster without discounts costs $ 20 and is included in PS Plus

For the remake, they did not recreate multiplayer, since Naughty Dog is working on a separate multiplayer game in the universe. The reasons are clear, but the pricing seems quite wild – despite the many improvements, at the bottom it’s still the same game. And the owners of two versions of The Last of Us have not provided even a minimal discount.

Old gameplay

At the announcement, Naughty Dog promised to improve the gameplay – no one went into details, but many expected to see at least some of the sequel’s innovations: advanced artificial intelligence, the ability to lie down, dodge melee, and the like. However, the first gameplay videos disappointed the audience.

Of the gameplay changes, according to the words of the developers, only improved artificial intelligence – and how much it is improved, we are unlikely to know before the release. Judging by the leaked videos, the opponents behave in much the same way as in the original 2013.

Obviously, when adding innovations The Last of Us: Part 2 I would have to redo all the battles from scratch, however, given the price of the remake (in fact, it costs more than the sequel on release), I would at least hope for something like that.

From the sequel came animations for the workbench – now it’s not just a menu.

New crafting

New crafting

At the same time, to Naughty Dog’s credit, there are plenty of new animations in the remake – in terms of “smoothness” it has become really closer to the sequel, although the second part still seems more organic. Knowledge of the original can immediately affect – when the brain perceives any change with hostility.

bad publicity

Sony very thoughtlessly began promoting the remake. At the announcement, fans were shown several scenes with comparisons, but for some reason they showed exactly the difference in cutscenes – on PS3 and PS4 they were generally simple “video clips” (pre-render) that hid the loading of the next level. On the PS5, apparently, all the cutscenes work in real time on the hardware of the console.

As a result, the developers for some reason showed unrealistic footage from PS4, which did not reflect the visual performance of the game at all, with real footage from the PS5 remake. Of course, the difference there turned out to be not so big – but why even do it?

Some locations have changed a lot - for the better

Some locations have changed a lot – for the better

Even then, many were wary, and after Sony just went into radio silence. The first gameplay was shown a month and a half later, when large-scale leaks began and a huge wave of dissatisfaction with what they saw arose. However, this did not help anymore – people were unhappy with what they were trying to sell for such a lot of money.

What has been improved

In fact, a lot – but these are mostly visual elements. There is no need to talk about new models and textures, as well as a general increased detail of the world. We also implemented global illumination and added destruction physics – now glass will break from the blast wave of a grenade, and shop windows and walls break beautifully when shelled.

Facial animations were redrawn from scratch, using videos that were originally shot. Now the emotional moments should look even more dramatic.

Remaster (PS4)
Remaster (PS4)
Remake (PS5)
Remake (PS5)

Remaster (PS4)
Remaster (PS4)
Remake (PS5)
Remake (PS5)

Remaster (PS4)
Remaster (PS4)
Remake (PS5)
Remake (PS5)

What will Sony do?

In fact, a very interesting question is whether Sony will somehow defuse the situation. It is already obvious that many are very unhappy with the quality of the game. Such a bad sundress can greatly affect the starting sales. What can Sony do anyway?

  • Leave the price at $70 and try to convince that the remake is worth the money.
  • Reduce the price to $ 40, following the lead of disgruntled fans.
  • Immediately add the game to a PS Plus Premium/Deluxe subscription, but keep the price at $70.

It will be very interesting to see what conclusions Sony will draw. For her, this is an important release, although the development is unlikely to have taken quite a lot of money: the project was completed from and to in about two years, and advertising is needed only for three months.

Now it seems that The Last of Us: Part 1 is more of a big reputational blow to the “greedy”, “arrogant” and “corporate” PlayStation. The last couple of years, Sony has been actively compared to how it behaved at the start of PS3 sales – then the gaming direction was almost closed due to the failed release of the console.

Hopefully, Sony can still show that it is still doing everything for the players, and not just trying to cash in on them as much as possible.

Video comparing remaster and remake

Why there was a remake of The Last of Us at all

There is no need to be a scientist – several things influenced the appearance of the remake at once.

First, the first season of HBO’s The Last of Us is coming. For PlayStation, this is a very important release, because many newcomers will get acquainted with the franchise – so Sony wants to give them the best option to get acquainted with the original source.

We still haven't seen the series properly

We still haven’t seen the series properly

Secondly, Sony is actively expanding on the PC: releasing The Last of Us: Part 2 without the first part seems like a mockery, and the PS4 remaster is already quite outdated – and Sony likes to make a first impression with the visual. Therefore, yes, we can say that the remake appeared largely because of the desire to transfer the original to the PC, and not to the PS5. And at first it comes out on consoles only because otherwise there would be even more screams from the fans.

Thirdly, this is simply a very profitable project: it will take a little money to produce it, and a lot of people will actually buy it for a price of $ 70 – and for business this is generally an unconditional winning bet.

Fourth, Naughty Dog has yet to begin full development on its next game. So that the teams would not sit idle or the management in a hurry once again tried to keep everyone busy, it was decided to give them a quiet pace to make a remake of The Last of Us – and at the same time give them the opportunity to get acquainted with the PS5 hardware.

Joel in the remake

Joel in the remake

It’s ironic that PS4 launch was exactly the same: Naughty Dog took on a remaster of the first The Last of Us to better get to know the PlayStation 4 hardware. Now the first The Last of Us will help the team get to know the PS5 hardware.

Therefore, the situation is ambiguous. If there were more improvements in the gameplay, and the remake cost at least $ 10 less, many people would probably gladly buy the game without shouting. But Sony can also be understood: the remake of The Last of Us is pure business.

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