The main hockey events of the day, July 21, 2022: sex scandal with the owner of Edmonton, Malkin is unhappy with the contract

In hockey, the off-season continues on all fronts, but fans do not remain without interesting news even during this period. We present a digest of the main ones for July 21.

The general manager of Ak Bars spoke about the contracts of Radulov and Shipachyov

General Manager of Ak Bars Marat Valiullin commented on the information that Kazan striker Alexander Radulov will be one of the highest paid players in the KHL, and shared the nuances of Vadim Shipachyov’s agreement with the club and his transfer to the Bars.

“Radulov’s bonus for the title of top scorer in the regular season? There is such a bonus. In the KHL, he has one of the biggest contracts under certain conditions. Vadim Shipachyov had the same bonus at one time. Now many are mistaken when they write that Shipachev came to us with this huge contract. We really fulfill the contract. We re-signed him for another year, but he fulfilled all the prescribed bonuses in the contract in the first season, which he spent at Dynamo. In addition to the contract, the bonus part does not pass to us.

Is it true that Shipachev and Voinov came to us for 1,000 rubles? So it was. We didn’t want to pay a big ransom for them. In addition to the players, we took on the burden of their contracts. Dynamo changed the vector of development, and the guys had a clause prohibiting the exchange without their consent. They wanted to play in Kazan, ”RIA Novosti Sport quoted Valiullin as saying.

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Danis Zaripov explained why he did not end his career

Ak Bars striker Danis Zaripov spoke about why he did not end his career after the last KHL season. In August 2021, Zaripov, in the presence of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the club’s management, coaches and teammates, said that the 2021/2022 season would be his final in his career.

“Yes, before last season I seriously thought about ending my career this spring. But it certainly doesn’t end on that note. This season, I was not satisfied with everything: the result of the team, my time on the ice, my statistics and the club. And, of course, the elimination of Ak Bars in the first round. After my career, in which there were so many interesting victories, I don’t really want to end on such a note.

Confused everyone? In fact, it turned out a little inconvenient, but I would not talk about delusion. I confess that not only from you heard a similar question. Probably, in the life of any person it happens when you are not satisfied with something. There is a desire to continue what you love. We have heroes who say “liar” and so on. It’s their opinion, they are entitled to it. I do not want to get into it and somehow engage in a skirmish with them. Everyone has their own opinion, just like me.

I just decided to continue. The head coach of Ak Bars is in favor of me being on the ice with the guys for another year. Club management “for”. What else does? I have made the decision to stay and I have a great desire to play hockey. And many guys from the team called and supported my decision to extend my career!” – Zaripov is quoted by Tatar-inform.

Danis Zaripov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

“Admiral” extended the contract with Shulak and signed the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games-2022

Striker of the Slovakian national team Michal Krysztof became a player of “Admiral”, according to the club’s official telegram channel. The Far East signed a one-year contract with the hockey player. Along with this, the club announced the extension of the contract with the Czech defender Libor Sulak.

The 28-year-old striker won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in February 2022. In the 2021/2022 season, Krishtof played in the Czech league and played 42 matches for Kometa (Brno). He has 30 (8+22) effective points with a utility index of “-1”.

Defender Szulak was the Mariners’ top scorer last season. He scored 26 (8 + 18) points in 49 matches with a utility indicator of -10.

There are now four legionnaires in the Admiral. In addition to Krishtof and Szulak, Latvian Nikolai Eliseev and Canadian Colby Williams have contracts with the club.

Canadian Phil Varone became a player of the Moscow “Spartak”

Spartak Moscow has signed a one-year contract with Canadian striker Phil Varone, according to the club’s official telegram channel.

The 31-year-old forward already has experience playing in the KHL. The season before last, he played for Barys. Varone took part in 42 regular season games and scored 25 (9+16) points with a +2 utility indicator, and then added a goal and an assist in four playoff meetings.

The hockey player spent the 2021/2022 season in Switzerland. First, he scored 7 (2 + 5) points in 13 meetings for Lausanne, and then moved to Bern, in which he scored 18 (6 + 12) points in 29 games.

Phil Varone

Photo: Maxim Shmakov,

Edmonton owner accused of having sex with underage ballerina

Edmonton Oilers NHL owner Daryl Katz has been accused of having sexual relations with an underage ballerina, CBC reports. According to the publication, a civil lawsuit was recently filed in a US court, alleging that the billionaire paid the 17-year-old ballerina $ 75,000 for “sexual services.”

It is known that the allegations were not proven. They were brought in response to a sexual assault lawsuit filed by aspiring ballerinas in 2021 against Mitchell’s dance teacher Taylor Button and his wife, Dusty Button.

Earlier, the Buttons filed a countersuit and admitted that they had a consensual “group sexual relationship” with Sage Humphreys, the main plaintiff in the case. The lawsuit alleges that their romance began in 2017, when the ballerina was 18 years old. However, it is also said that she was previously involved in underage sexual relations three times with men much older than her, including Oilers owner Katz.

At the same time, text messages were attached to the application. Presumably, it was Katz’s correspondence with the ballerina. At that time, Humphreys was 17 years old, and Katz was 53.

It is also known that Katz’s lawyer denied the allegations and stated that his client did not have sexual relations with Humphreys. In 2016, the 17-year-old ballerina offered her projects to the Katz film company, and all meetings with her were connected precisely with this, and the money received by the minor was part of the business relationship.

The Athletic: Malkin is not happy with the new contract. Pittsburgh Won Those Negotiations

The Athletic journalist Josh Yohe praised the deals of Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Ron Hextall. The reviewer also mentioned the re-signing of Evgeni Malkin.

“It’s easy to praise players for ‘settle for less money’, but let’s give Hextall credit. Malkin is clearly not happy with how the negotiations went, he is not happy with the contract he signed. The negotiations were contentious. Hextall bet that Malkin didn’t really want to leave Pittsburgh, and he was right. He won these negotiations, ”The Athletic quotes Yohe.

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The assistant of the national team of Slovakia spoke about the reaction of Jaromir Jagr to Juraj Slafkowski

Scout of the New York Rangers NHL club Oto Gasczak, who helped the Slovakian national team at the 2022 World Cup, shared his opinion about compatriot striker Juraj Słafkowski, as well as Jaromir Jagr’s reaction to the game of the young hockey player. The Montreal Canadiens selected the Slovak forward with the first overall pick in the 2022 draft.

“When I watched Slafkowski in training and in the locker room, his body language, following him in tight spaces, in high traffic areas, in the corners of the court, on the edge, I just thought: “This guy reminds me of someone.” Whom? I remember my thoughts: “What the fuck? This guy looks like Jagr!” But it was very early, before the World Cup, during our preparation for the tournament. I just mentioned it to some journalists and everyone started yelling, “What the fuck, Oto? You are crazy? Are you comparing this kid to Jagr?”

No, that’s not entirely true. Obviously, Jagr is the best player from Europe in the entire hockey world in the past. But I wanted to say that Juraj reminds me of his style of play, especially in the corners of the court, his skating, his shooting and the way he covers the puck. So I was just trying to explain to journalists and people around hockey that I meant something a little different. But now, a year and a half later, everyone compares him with Jagr! Even Jagr, when he saw him, said: “This guy looks like me when I was 17!” — quotes the words of Gashchak The Athletic.

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The “Tampa” explained why they gave Sergachev an eight-year contract for $ 68 million

Tampa Bay Lightning General Manager Julien BrisBois explained why the club decided to make defender Mikhail Sergachev one of the club’s highest paid hockey players. The Russian signed a new eight-year agreement for $68 million.

“I think defenders need more time to reach their full potential. A very striking example is Hedman. At the moment, Victor is the best defender in the world, but at 20-22 he was not. In my opinion, Sergachev is only on the way to his peak. In the last Stanley Cup, Mikhail actually improved – especially in the series with Colorado. He was really cool. Sergachev has all the data so that his progress does not stop: Mikhail just turned 24, he manages the game in the majority, he is able to survive in the minority, he is large, physically strong, skates well and is technically gifted. It’s hard to find guys like him. Realizing that Sergi will be part of Tampa for the next nine seasons is very encouraging, ”The Athletic quotes BrisBois.

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