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The main hockey events of the day, July 22, 2022: sex scandal with the owner of Edmonton, Malkin is unhappy with the contract


In hockey, the off-season continues on all fronts, but fans do not remain without interesting news even during this period. We present a digest of the main ones for July 22.

Gaudreau reveals why he chose Columbus

American striker Johnny Gaudreau told why he chose the Columbus Blue Jackets to continue his career, and not another club.

“I always said I wanted to play closer to home. At the same time, Columbus is not too close to the place where friends and family constantly see me.

Open door policy – come in whenever you want. This is how we live. And if it was like that all year, then at times it would get out of control, ”Godreau is quoted by The Score with reference to the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.

Arizona GM calls 2022 draft the most important in the club’s history

Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong shares his thoughts on the 2022 NHL Draft.

“This is the most important draft in the history of this franchise: seven picks in the first two rounds, three in the first, four in the second.

It is important that we understand that we are changing something in this team. We are here to win the championship, that’s true. We do not attract players for the exchange, but we recruit players who will help us win the championship, ”the official NHL website quotes Armstrong.

Czech hockey player Klok was threatened because of the game in the KHL

Former Czech defender of Neftekhimik Lukas Klok, who terminated the contract with the club and moved to the Arizona Coyotes, spoke about the reasons for leaving Russia.

“Journalists escalate the situation with regards to everything connected with Russia. Take a look at what they write about Slovak players who have decided to go to the KHL, what reactions it generates. Of course, in the Czech Republic, some people were okay with this, but most were negative.

Have I received threats? Yes, it was … I was threatened by people from fake pages on social networks. It was unpleasant to read this, however, I will not do anything about it. We are in a democratic society and everyone has their own position. It was still up to me to decide.

If not for Arizona, would you return to Neftekhimik, because the new contract was valid until 2024? I was offered agreements by clubs from Switzerland, from Finland. There were also options in the Czech Republic. So even if I had not received a call from Arizona, I would not have returned to Russia in any case, ”Sport.cz quotes Klok.

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The Latvian Ice Hockey Federation banned the goalkeeper Kalnins from playing in the KHL

The Latvian Ice Hockey Federation announced on its official website that it had blocked the transfer of goalkeeper Janis Kalnins to Amur Khabarovsk.

“The application for the transfer of Kalnins entered the transfer system of the International Ice Hockey Federation this week. On July 21, the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation refused this transfer, ”the message says.

In Latvia they rot their goalkeeper. Now he was banned from playing in the KHL

The Athletic: St. Louis can exchange Tarasenko and Barbashev to Calgary for Tkachuk

The Athletic suggested that the St. Louis Blues could trade forward Matthew Tkachuk from the Calgary Flames. With this outcome, the “bluesmen” will give the “lights” of Russian forwards Vladimir Tarasenko and Ivan Barbashev, as well as a choice in the first round of 2023.

“This is our ‘win right now’ option for Calgary. This gives the club some advantage – and I think this will be considered a victory for Armstrong as well. (Doug Armstrong, general manager of St. Louis. – Approx. “Championship”). A year ago, Tarasenko seemed impossible to exchange. Now he is the main condition of the deal on Tkachuk. Calgary gets a replacement who is capable of scoring 30 goals, albeit older.

As for Barbashev, I’m not sure many people know how good he was last season. It will also cost inexpensively – $ 2.25 million for another year of the contract. The problem is that Calgary seems to be looking for players to keep a good paycheck, but they can’t find them. Maybe the prospect of trading one (or both) at the deadline would be attractive. These are good conditions. But I’m not sure that it will be good for the future of Calgary, ”wrote The Athletic journalist Sean Gentyll.

“Spartak” will sign a contract with the defender of “Carolina” Keane

As it became known to the “Championship”, American defender Joey Keane will go to Spartak. The contract with the 23-year-old hockey player will be signed for one season.

Keane spent last season with the Carolina Hurricanes. For the Hurricanes, the defender played one meeting, in which he did not score with effective actions.

The American spent most of the season in the American Hockey League, where he played for the Chicago Wolves. For the club, Joey took part in 62 games of the regular season, in which he scored seven goals and gave 26 assists, scoring a total of 33 points with a +7 utility indicator and 81 penalty minutes. In the playoff victory for the team, Keane scored 12 (1+11) points in 18 games. Together with Chicago, he won the Calder Cup.

Ice Hockey Canada Announces Case of Sexual Assault at MFM 2003

The Ice Hockey Federation of Canada on the official website announced the start of proceedings on the case of gang sexual violence during the 2003 World Youth Championship.

“Last night Ice Hockey Canada became aware of an alleged 2003 gang sexual assault involving players from the 2002-2003 national junior team after TSN’s Rick Westhead contacted us about the disturbing details of the alleged incident. Mr. Westhead said he spoke to several witnesses who provided him with a detailed account of the attack, following an interview with MP John Naiter, who has the same or similar information.

The details in Mr. Westhead’s e-mail caused deep concern and the FHC immediately contacted the Halifax Regional Police as Halifax was one of the host cities for the 2003 World Youth Ice Hockey Championship. We urged Mr. Westhead to immediately contact the police and urge his sources to do the same. We also implore Deputy Nather to contact the authorities and pass on any information he or his entourage has received about this alleged gang sexual assault.

The FHC is committed to ending the culture of silence in hockey. That is why we publicly urge anyone with knowledge of this incident to report to the police. We are open about how we learned about this alleged crime and the steps we are taking to address the issue.

Two weeks ago, prior to receiving Mr. Westhead’s e-mail, the FHC staff heard a rumor that “something bad happened at the 2003 Youth World Championships”, but they were not given any details. To find out more, the FHC has hired outside researchers to try and find more information. They were unable to find out until we received the details mentioned above in an email from Mr. Westhead.

We believe that the alleged 2003 incident should be investigated by the authorities and we urge the police to launch an investigation into this alarming situation. The FHC will cooperate with and support the authorities in every possible way, and we once again urge anyone who may have relevant information about this alleged incident to immediately contact the Halifax police.

The FHC wishes to hear from anyone, past or present, who believes they have been the victim of abuse, sexual assault, harassment or abuse by anyone associated with our organization. You can contact us through the Canadian Sports Helpline, a free, anonymous, confidential and independent service in both official languages, or by email. We also encourage anyone who may need support to contact one of the many victim services across Canada,” the statement said.

Sponsors are taking money out of Canadian hockey. All because of a call from one woman

Columbus Columbus extend Patrick Laine’s four-year contract with a cap hit of $8.7 million

Columbus Blue Jackets have signed a new contract with 24-year-old Finnish striker Patrick Laine, according to the club’s official website.

It is noted that the new agreement was concluded for four years and a total amount of $ 34.8 million. On average, the forward will earn $ 8.7 million per year.

Recall that Laine’s one-year contract worth $7.5 million came to an end after the 2021/2022 season. After the conclusion of the new agreement, Columbus exceeds the salary ceiling. Prior to Laine’s resigning, the Blue Jackets had $2.3 million free. Columbus is now over the ceiling by about $6.4 million. However, during the off-season, clubs can have 110% of the ceiling on the payroll.

In the past regular season, Laine scored 56 (26 goals + 30) points in 56 meetings, becoming the Columbus’s third scorer.


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