The referee expert of the “Championship” Igor Fedotov analyzes the 28th round of the RPL for the actions of his colleagues.

Wings of the Soviets – Dynamo

At the 25th minute, Moro tried to play the ball, hitting Yakube’s knee with his foot. The Wings player fell, Kazartsev continued the game. Kukulyak called the chief to watch the episode on VAR at the time the direct red card was not shown. Kazartsev, on the other hand, showed a yellow one, since there was no punching in the violation and Moro quickly pulled his leg away so as not to injure the opponent. Kazartsev correctly figured out the episode, showing a yellow card.

The next moment in the 55th minute was a fall in the Wings’ penalty area. The players picked up the ball and scored a goal after six passes. VAR, represented by Kukulyak, intervened, asking Kazartsev to watch the moment of violation by the Krylia players, after which the attack began. I don’t know why Kukulyak did it – after all, the Samara defender played the ball, and only then there was a fall from the Dynamo football player. The correct decision is a goal.

Wings of the Soviets - Dynamo

Wings of the Soviets – Dynamo


In the 77th minute, with the score 3:2, Kazartsev missed a violation against a Krylia player. Evgeniev did not play ball, stepped on the opponent’s ankle. It was necessary to stop the game, show the yellow Evgeniev and assign a free kick. At the 92nd minute, the referee made the right decision – the second yellow card for Grulev for rough play. Kazartsev’s score is 8.3.

Ural – Spartak

Moskalev worked at the match. We can only talk about one episode that occurred in the 66th minute – the fall of the Ural player in the penalty area. Moskalev made the right decision by continuing the game. The referee’s score is 8.4.

Nizhny Novgorod – Akhmat

Bobrovsky worked at the match. In the 19th minute, the referee gave the principle of advantage: there was a violation against the Nizhny Novgorod player, the ball went for a corner. The Nizhny players approached Bobrovsky and said that Bystrov should have been shown a yellow card for foul play. The correct decision is a warning to the Akhmat player. In the 29th minute, Bobrovsky’s poor work was visible: Kalinsky started to hold Berisha, the Akhmat footballer, breaking away for the second time, put his right hand to the side, hitting Kalinsky in the face. The arbitrator did not understand the episode: he appointed a free kick in favor of Nizhny and showed a yellow card to Berisha. The correct decision was warnings to Berisha and Kalinsky, plus a free kick in favor of Akhmat.

In another moment, Stotsky was creeping in a tackle, the Akhmat player, who stood on two legs, tried to play the ball, entered into combat with him. Stotsky left his leg, hitting the ankle of the Akhmat football player with spikes. Bobrovsky missed the incident. The correct decision is a free kick in favor of Akhmat and a yellow card to Stotsky. At the 51st minute, the referee also missed the episode, being in a good position. He looked at something for a long time and showed a yellow card to Utsiev for a rough game. VAR called Bobrovsky to look at the moment of not showing a straight red. The arbitrator next showed a direct red Utsieva for a serious violation – the right decision.

In the 79th minute, Bobrovsky made a serious mistake, being in a good position – the appointment of a fictitious 11-meter kick against Akhmat. The Nizhny player was striving for the penalty area, the Akhmat football player entered into combat with him. Turbin called Bobrovsky to watch the episode at the time of the incorrect appointment of the 11-meter. The referee reversed the decision, but showed the yellow player of Nizhny Novgorod. I do not agree with this card, I would not talk about the simulation. The correct decision is to continue the game.

In the 89th minute, Nizhny Novgorod attacked: Gorbunov shot along the goal, the Akhmat player hit him in the calf muscle. Turbin for some reason did not get into the episode, although there are all criteria for showing a direct red card. Both Bobrovsky and Turbin were wrong. The right decision was a free kick and a red card for the Akhmat football player. Arbitrator score – 6.5.

Zenit – Khimki

Amelin did a good job. Only in the 36th minute did he not show a yellow card to Santos when he thwarted a promising attack. At the 42nd minute the goal was canceled correctly – “offside”. The referee’s score is 8.3.

CSKA – Sochi

Bezborodov worked on the mast. In the 47th minute, he did not show a yellow card to Carrascal for foul play. Joaozinho played the ball, and a CSKA player was hit in the shin with spikes. Episode Bezborodov missed. In the 95th minute, the referee showed good physical shape, managed to follow the episode, giving a red to Akhmetova for depriving her of a clear opportunity to score a goal. Bezborodov’s score is 8.3.

CSKA does not take out without Akinfeev.  Berezutsky's team looked helpless with a competitor
CSKA does not take out without Akinfeev. Berezutsky’s team looked helpless with a competitor

Ufa – Rostov

Kukuyan worked at the match. In the 6th minute, he appointed a 11-meter kick: Komlichenko played the ball, Pliev hit the opponent’s leg. Kukuyan was not in a good position, but he considered the violation – the right decision. At the 81st minute, the referee figured it out correctly, showing a yellow card to Jokic for rough play. Following in the 85th minute, Jokic is shown the second yellow: the player did not try to play the ball, stepping on the Achilles of the Rostov football player. Kukuyan’s score is 8.4.

Arsenal – Krasnodar

Ivanov worked at the match. In the 20th minute, the Arsenal player, while trying to play the ball, hit the Krasnodar player in the thigh with a straight leg. The referee did not see any violation, Karasev intervened, calling to look at VAR: is this a red card? For some reason, Ivanov decided that yellow was enough. It was necessary to show Kainov a straight red and remove him from the field.

In the 69th minute, there was a fall in the Arsenal penalty area. Spertsyan threw the ball, the Arsenal player knocked out the opponent’s leg. The game continued, Karasev called Ivanov to look at the moment of non-appointment of the 11-meter kick. The arbitrator next appointed a 11-meter without a yellow card, as the foul was due to negligence. During the penetration, Levashov went over the line until the moment when the ball was put into play. The right decision is to interrupt the 11-meter kick. Spertsyan grabbed the ball, Kostadinov ran up to him, pushing with his hands. Ivanov made the right decision by showing a yellow card to the Arsenal player.

At the 90th minute, when attacking Arsenal, Sorokin entered into combat with an opponent’s football player. Ivanov showed yellow, Karasev intervened, asking to see the moment for showing a red card for depriving him of a clear opportunity to score a goal. What I disagree with: there was a frame from the offside camera, it is impossible to understand where the ball went. The Arsenal player, at the moment of contact with Sorokin, threw the ball to the left into the corner of the penalty area. I would not talk here about the deprivation of a clear opportunity to score a goal. Arbitrator score – 5.9

Judges intervene in the fight for survival?  The inexplicable decision of the referee in the RPL match
Judges intervene in the fight for survival? The inexplicable decision of the referee in the RPL match

Lokomotiv – Rubin

At the 31st minute there were two moments in the penalty area. The first – a shot on goal, Abilgor played with his foot, the ball hit a partner, there was contact between the ball and the hand. The hand was in a natural position, the right decision was to continue the game. Here I would say that Levnikov was in a bad position, most likely, he could not see the whole episode. Then Abilgor tried to knock out, the ball was picked up by the Lokomotiv player and hit the goal. The defender of Rubin flew to him, putting his leg and arm out, the ball hit his arm. Again, the referee was in a bad position to continue the game. Here I would talk about VAR. Most likely, VAR missed the second episode, because they watched the first moment. This does not mean that Levnikov or VAR are wrong. Just missed the episode. The correct decision is to assign a 11-meter kick to the Rubin goal and show a yellow card to the guest player for disrupting a promising attack.

Lokomotiv - Rubin

Lokomotiv – Rubin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

In the 50th minute, Lokomotiv scored a goal, an offside position was fixed. How could the assistant see this episode at such a speed? Probably talent. VAR correctly made a point on the shoulder – this is an offside position. At the 86th minute, the Rubin player, trying to block the ball, turned away, putting his right hand down and to the side. Levnikov was in a good position, appointing a 11-meter kick and showing a yellow one. This is the right decision. The referee’s score is 7.8.


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