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The main thing for the week in sports: Kasatkina, Ronaldo, Pinyaev, Pimblett, Malkin, Nepomniachtchi and other sports news


Change of citizenship by athletes, is Nepomniachtchi the favorite? The main thing for the week in sports

Everything important is in the materials of the “Championship”.

Tennis: Kasatkina, citizenship

The main topic of the week is a resonant interview with the first racket of Russia Daria Kasatkina, in which she not only came out, but also spoke about changing her citizenship. Let’s figure out if this will lead to a massive outflow.

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Daria Kasatkina

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How are things with the ATP rating?

Football: Pinyaev, Tishkov, Ronaldo

An important event in Russian football is the hospitalization of one of the brightest young players in the country, Sergei Pinyaev. We hope the recovery will be quick and the guy will come back even stronger!

We recall one of the moments in the career of Yuri Tishkov. The cup trip in 1993 turned out to be a tragedy for a talented football player.

Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly found himself in a crisis. Manchester United are being rejuvenated under a new manager, and the Portuguese seems determined to leave. The problem is that the top clubs publicly refuse even the interest in the legend.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Getty Images

The next issue of the digest of transfers in Europe is right here:

Hockey: transfers and salaries

In the KHL and NHL transition times.

Evgeni Malkin

Photo: Getty Images

We count other people’s money. Some teams in the NHL inflate the payroll with injured players, while others kill them with ill-conceived buyouts.

Boxing / MMA: “the new Conor” and a lesson for the UFC

The crazy blond Paddy Pimblett shut up the naysayers again. And burst into tears after the victory. It seems that we began to forget that there was such a Conor McGregor.

Paddy Pimblett (left)

Photo: Getty Images

On July 22, a rare precedent happened at the ACA 141 tournament in Sochi. During the fight, the founder of the league, Mayrbek Khasiev, entered the cage and disqualified Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov for passive combat. Although they had only one round left. Yes, yes, the fight ended, in fact, because it was boring.

Auto: track near St. Petersburg, where they waited for Formula 1

Our report from the Igora Drive track near St. Petersburg, where the Formula 1 stage was planned. In “Rosgonki” they admit that the possibilities of “Igora Drive” intoxicate them. Even without international racing.

Highway “Igora Drive”

Photo: Championat.com

We remembered what bright transitions in Formula 1 did not take place.

Figure skating: Medvedeva, Zagitova and Popova

We talked with Betina Popova about why ultra-si limits directors, whether the change in Shcherbakova’s program in the Olympic season was an attempt to avoid risk, and much more.

This happened! It seems that Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva have revived their former friendship. Daria Kiryukhina’s column is about this.

Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva

Photo: Championat.com

Basketball: Warriors Trouble

The story of a Swiss football player who dreamed of playing like Henri, but ended up becoming a basketball player and earning tens of millions of dollars in the NBA.

A harsh punishment for an NBA champion owner for criticizing the league. The Warriors are unable to keep the roster due to the luxury tax.

Warriors – 2022 NBA Champions


Chess: Ian Nepomniachtchi and the fight for the title

Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the match for the world title, depriving the fans of a powerful fight with Ian Nepomniachtchi. What are the chances of a Russian grandmaster against an opponent from China?

Jan Nepomniachtchi


Olympic Sports: Paris 2024

Not all is well with the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Even the IOC has expressed concern about the pace of preparations for the Games.

Lifestyle: press, spa and no hangover!

There is a plan:

The first point is a beautiful press or a thin waist.

Point two – choose where to go to relax. For example, these:



Point three – we rest, but do not “get sick”:

Champion.PLAY: TV shows, cats and legends of Far Cry

Have you already watched all the series? We have more!

Cats and cyberpunk turned out to be the perfect combination for the game. Why is everyone still talking about Stray?

Screenshot from the game

Photo: Championat.com

If you’re more into the classics, pick the best game in the Far Cry series: “I already told you what madness is, huh?”


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