How to choose the most durable and “indestructible” running shoes

How to choose the most durable running shoes

These tips will help you choose both training and casual shoes.

The sneaker market has reached an unprecedented level in recent years, but how do you make the right choice in favor of a pair that will serve faithfully for a long time? We tell you what to look for when choosing.

Anton Karpov

Anton Karpov

expert of the Sportmaster store, ambassador of the Undiscovered Territories races

Let’s start with a shock story right away: indestructible sneakers are a myth. “And how long will they serve?” This is a question I often hear from buyers. There are several things that define the life of a shoe.

Your weight. No matter how cool the sneakers are, under the weight of 100+ kg they will begin to sag. In this case, I advise a special insole that will extend their lifespan. If your weight is 50-60 kg, you can run in sneakers much more than their norm – all 2000 km, and they will have little to do.

Weather conditions and surface. It is clear that the more often you run in the rain and slush, the more likely it is that the shoes will become unusable faster. What can be done in this case?

  • As an option – use special gaiters from dirt, cleaning products, water-repellent impregnation. Apply them immediately after a walk.
  • Choose shoes according to the season: there are special winter models, for example, that have a denser material.

Shoe care. I myself have impregnation, shampoo / cleaning spray, cleansing wipes and a special brush at home. Machine wash only if recommended by the manufacturer.

How to choose the right shoes for running, training and everyday life

Indestructible running shoes may look like this: faux leather inserts in the toe and heel, a mesh upper (for ventilation) and a girth of the foot with special inserts in the lacing area (for stabilization). The use of several layers of different foam in the sole – for better shock absorption. And a good layer of rubber in the outsole to protect against abrasion of the sole.

Look at the models Hoka Bondi, Hoka Gaviota, Mizuno Wave Rider, Saucony Ride.

If your task is to find indestructible training shoes, choose a model for a specific sport. Since fitness or lifestyle models are not suitable for sports: you can get injured. The risk of injury will remain if you choose the “medium” model.

The main rule of running shoes for training is stabilization or fixation of the foot. Therefore, choose shoes with fixing elements, but with thin soles without cushioning. And inserts made of artificial leather provide additional support to the foot. To make it easier to make a choice, take a look at our previous material with a selection of comfortable models for sports.

5 workout shoe brands to look out for
5 workout shoe brands to look out for

Indestructible sneakers for everyday wear can be found among trekking shoes. They meet all the necessary parameters, as they are designed for long multi-day trips: so as not to get wet and protect your feet from getting caught on stones. Their main disadvantage is their heavy weight, which can be inconvenient for those who actively walk around the city. They also cannot be washed in a conventional washing machine, and they dry for a long time.

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