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Basketball.  VTB United League - 1920, 07/22/2022


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MOSCOW, 22 Jul – The VTB United League has approved the calendar for the 2022/23 regular season, the first stage of which starts on October 2, according to the organization’s website.
The first leg of the regular season will end on January 20, 2023. At this stage, 12 participating teams will hold a tournament in two rounds – each will play with each (home and away). Then the clubs will be divided into two groups – group A (teams that took 1-6 places) and group B (teams that took 7-12 places). At the second stage, the clubs will play among themselves in their groups for two more rounds.
Based on the results of the second stage of the regular season, eight best teams of the VTB United League will be determined. In the tournament of the new season, the champion will be determined in the playoffs. Quarter-final series will be held up to three wins, semi-final and final series, as well as a series for third place – up to four.
Earlier, IBA and Samara were admitted to the VTB United League with a trial period of one year. In the course of the last championship, the Polish “Zielona Gora” and the Estonian “Kalev” withdrew from the tournament because of the situation in Ukraine.


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