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The organizers of the 2024 Olympics have big problems: is the Olympic Games in danger of being disrupted?


The organizers of the 2024 Olympics in Paris are in big trouble. Games under threat?

Angelina Nikolaeva

The IOC expressed concern about the pace of preparations for the Olympics.

There are exactly two years left before the start of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. All athletes of the world are waiting for the holiday of sports, and in the meantime, the organizers of the competitions have faced at least three serious problems.

Could the Olympic Games be in jeopardy?

Not enough money

An investigation by the French news agency AFP produced disappointing results. The first problem is the lack of funding. Two years ago, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition budget was reduced by €400 million, while the total cost was estimated at €3.8 billion.


Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

But now another problem has arisen – a surge in inflation. Because of this, the company Solideo, which is responsible for the construction of Olympic facilities, has incurred additional costs, which, most likely, the country will have to bear. But will ordinary French people approve of large injections into the organization of the Games from the state budget during a crisis period?

With income, too, everything is not going smoothly – ticket sales will only begin in December, and some major sponsors have not signed cooperation agreements.

Will the city be paralyzed?

About 10 million fans are expected in Paris for the Olympics, and there is a big risk that their movement around the city may also be difficult. Two metro lines, which should connect the center of Paris with the Olympic venues, do not have time to complete the construction on time. However, according to AFP, the organizers said they had the issue under control.

Traveling by land can also be challenging for the time being, with France trying to address the lack of bus drivers as well as creating an accessible environment for the Paralympics.

Safety problems

With the organization of anti-doping work, the French also had difficulties, so much so that the IOC has already “expressed concern”. It is the organizing committee of the Games that should work out the logistics issues that will allow the International Testing Agency to work without difficulty.


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Another issue that worries many is safety for the guests of the Olympic Games. The events of the Champions League final at the Stade de France have shaken the general confidence that the French will be able to cope with the organization of security at the biggest sporting event.

According to the scenario, during the opening ceremony, 180 delegations should sail on boats along the Seine, and 600,000 people will be able to watch it live from the shore! But this is on paper, but in reality the French media are seriously discussing the threat of terrorist attacks during the event.

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Only green electricity

However, information that the hosts of the future Olympics are not ready for its holding appears approximately before every Games, nevertheless, the competitions are successfully held. Is it worth sounding the alarm this time?

Despite the difficulties, the president of the organizing committee of the Olympics, Tony Estangue, is positive and proudly talks about the fact that only “green” electricity will be used in Paris, for the first time in the history of the Games, an equal number of men and women will take part in the competition. And even in terms of catering, there will also be changes: “Less meat, more vegetarianism,” Time quotes Estangue.



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