The president "Barcelona" blamed the system for the situation with the fans "Eintracht"

Barcelona president Laporta blamed the system for the situation with Eintracht fans

MOSCOW, 19 April – The president of the Spanish football club Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, said that the situation with the admission of a large number of fans of the German Eintracht to the Europa League match was provoked by the incorrect operation of the control mechanism, which was inherited from the previous board of directors.
On Thursday, Barcelona lost at home to Eintracht in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final and were eliminated on aggregate from the tournament. More than 20,000 away fans were present in the stands at the 99,354-seat Camp Nou stadium, according to Spanish newspaper Marca, leading many Barcelona fans to leave the stadium prematurely. As a result of the meeting, the head coach of the Catalans Javi Hernandez complained about this, and an active group of fans of the “blue garnet” boycotted the match of the 32nd round of the championship of Spain against Cadiz in protest.
“The sale of irregular tickets are tickets with a control mechanism that did not accept German credit cards. There were 27,201 attempts to purchase tickets from Germany. We note that incorrect use was noticed among season ticket holders. Most of these tickets ended up in the hands of the Germans. I wanted would refer to the fact that the system used is one that we inherited from the previous council. We thought that the control mechanisms would work, but the organized ticket resale groups were able to achieve their goal,” Laporta is quoted as saying by As.
“The club is not to blame for what happened. But it bears the maximum responsibility for ensuring that this does not happen again in the upcoming matches. I want to emphasize that the club did not sell tickets to the Germans. Since we are responsible, we must take action. We will sell personalized tickets in high-risk matches,” added the Barcelona president.


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