New interactive horror from the creators of Until Dawn – The Quarry – will take the player to a summer camp, where each of the characters will have to face deadly events. The heroes have to learn the history of this strange place, come face to face with unknown creatures and try to survive.

In this guide, we will detail the most important choices to save all the heroes of the adventure!

Basic principles of survival. How to save all the heroes

The spiritual successor of Until Dawn in most cases does not take into account the relationship between the characters – there are no traits and emotional attachment. Players can use any dialogue lines that won’t affect anything. Despite this, we recommend that you always be friendly to your teammates, do not provoke them into rude remarks, and always maintain a positive attitude in the group.

This time, the key principle of survival in The Quarry is the correct actions and the successful execution of mini-games (QTE) with point keystrokes at a certain point in time. Not all choices will instantly ruin the ending of the story, but some of them can make gameplay more difficult in subsequent chapters, injure the hero, or lead to the death of the hero in a key episode.

We do not advise you to rush into your actions and carefully consult our guide to achieve the best ending. Below are also the consequences of some choices that do not affect the survival of the heroes, but change some aspect of the game, such as injury to the hero or the appearance of new obstacles on the way.

Beware of spoilers! If it is necessary to fail the QTE or choose a negative remark in the dialogue, we will inform you separately.

Prologue. Acquaintance with the old woman and helping Max

There are no meaningful choices in this short episode. After examining the surroundings of the forest, the player must choose a wrench or a hammer – use any tool. After descending into the basement, we recommend helping Max. In any case, there will be no significant consequences from these actions.

At the end of each chapter, you can talk to the old woman and, if necessary, watch short videos with tips. Doing this is optional.

Chapter 1

For Jacob, you must choose a way to break the car. This will allow the leaders to stay at the camp for one more night. We are leaning towards the choice of the gas pipeline in this situation, as this will save the player from additional hassle in the future. If you select the distributor switch, then another scene with Jacob will open. In the third chapter, a man will have to dive into the water for a detail, otherwise it will be lost forever.

Abi shouldn’t kick down the door with Emma. This will not affect the survival of the heroes, but will result in Dylan being injured at the end of Chapter 5. Inside the hut, you can pick up a plush hare from a useful one. In some variations of the final, the toy will help the heroes, but on our way it will not be useful at all.

Chapter 2

In this episode, almost nothing important for the final plot happens. We are waiting for Jacob and do not kick the door. In the far corner of the store, we call a friend for help and find a shotgun on the floor in a small room. Emma will be able to open the safe. It is not necessary to pick up the fireworks – the girl will be able to use them in the sixth chapter and hit the pursuer in one gulp in the face. It will not affect her survival in any way.

When inspecting the hatch, Dylan should not go down – the man will not see anything interesting, but will loosen one of the steps. If you wish, you can get down to the basement, since until the last chapters, with the survival of all the heroes, no one will use the stairs, except for Ebi. In this case, you won’t be able to break it.

Chapter 3

After watching the campfire leaders play, Abi, Nick, Emma and Jacob will leave the location. If desired, to develop a romantic relationship, we can kiss Abi after a long walk. In one of the scenes, Nick will be attacked by a hostile creature. We help the man, run away and do not climb the tree. After completing the mini-game, the girl will safely return to the fire.

On the lake, with a distributor runner, Jacob needs to dive into the lake after it, unravel from the nets and grab the object that fell out of his pocket. If the gas pipeline breaks, such a scene will be absent.

Ryan only needs to take a shortcut when trying to get to Nick. We raise our voice to an unknown man and do not shoot in his direction. Jacob will fall into a trap. The hunter will help the hero get out, so there is no need to shout at him and throw dirt.

Chapter 4

Ryan needs to yell at the bushes and under no circumstances shoot at them, so as not to kill Jacob. For Emma on the island, you need to climb the wooden stairs to the hut. Inside the house, examine the items in the bag to get a stun gun. After meeting with the monster, use a new item and activate the spray. It is advisable to barricade the door during the pursuit, and then open the hatch.

Dylan needs to give the shotgun to Caitlin. In the final scene of the episode, before using the zipline, Emma must slowly turn the handle and not speed up. This will allow her to reach the other shore in safety.

Chapter 5

In the cottage, the heroes need to be quiet. This will allow them to quietly get out into the street. We do not use a shotgun in the radio room. Ryan must help his friends on the street fend off the creature and draw attention to himself. If Abi had opened the house earlier, then Dylan would have been bitten. Ryan would have had to amputate his arm or let his partner get infected. In a different situation, all the heroes will remain safe and sound.

Chapter 6

If the mini-games are successfully completed, all the heroes will be safe for the moment, Jacob will fall into a bear trap and be caught by the hunters. We help Nick get out of the pool. In the nearest house, the man will begin to change and show aggression. We shoot at Nick with a shotgun – the hero will be saved a little later. By this time, Emma will have had time to get to the central house without any problems.

Chapter 7

The characters from the prologue will be locked in prison. The girl will have to improve relations with the policeman Travis. With the help of a spoon located on the window above the bed, it is necessary to pick out a brick from the left wall. One of the following days, Laura will be able to get out of the cell and inspect the territory of the police station.

In the far third room of the second floor in the locker we pick up the syringe. This item will allow you to safely knock out Travis and escape from prison. No need to try to snatch the gun from the officer – this will negatively affect the further fate of the heroes.

Chapter 8

Having reached the cages with red light, Ryan should not touch the grate and try to immediately pull Jacob out. We stop Laura, otherwise she will shoot Nick in a cage. We respond to the request of a friend and help him get out. To do this, turn on the first and second switches in turn. We continue the action and use the second and third levers – Jacob will safely get out of the cage and escape from the monsters.

Chapter 9

There are a lot of fights in this episode. After turning off the light, we kill the woman and do not get the knife from Ryan’s body. In turn, for each hero, we perform a mini-game and escape from the pursuers. When meeting with a tall hunter, Ryan needs to pull out a knife and stick it into the enemy. Be sure to agree with Laura’s proposal in order to heal the wounds of the hero.

At the end of the chapter, the player will have to take control of Dylan. After inspecting the landfill, we climb onto the crane, raise the car and use the signal. Behind Ebi in the basement, we inspect the fuse box and find a silver bullet, which will come in handy in the final episode. We shoot at the creature after returning to Ryan and Laura.

Chapter 10

At the beginning of the episode, the player must get to the pier for Max and refuse to swim across the lake. On the other side of the hero is already waiting for the monster. After switching the plot to Caitlin, we climb to the top floor of the cottage, inspect the picture and prepare for battle. Activate the options for running and beams. We check the noise to pick up the cartridge from a friend, and kill the monster.

Laura and Ryan will go into the forest to find and destroy the last enemy. When meeting with a creature, immediately shoot at him. If you wish, you can get a slightly different ending – do not aim the shotgun at the enemy right away, make a mistake in the mini-game and kill Travis, the last of the Hacketts.


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