KHL clubs came out of vacation last week. “Championship” tells what losses and acquisitions began to train the team of the Western Conference.


What is done: at the end of the last season, the Moscow army team made an impressive breakthrough and fought back from 1-3 in the final series with Metallurg, and then took the “golden” match. On the transfer market, the current champions look less impressive, and the main question that was addressed to CSKA this summer was not at all related to selection. What is the role of the bosses of the capital’s club in the story of Ivan Fedotov – alas, one can only guess about this.

Conflict with CSKA or purchased military?  What led to the drama of the goalkeeper Fedotov
Conflict with CSKA or purchased military? What led to the drama of the goalkeeper Fedotov

If the goalkeeper is not waiting for an early demobilization soon, then the Muscovites will inevitably face difficulties. To replace Fedotov, the red-blues called up Alexander Sharychenkov from Salavat Yulaev. By the age of 30, he had played a little more than 200 games in the KHL and was not number one in any club except Yugra.

In addition, CSKA lost its captain: Sergei Andronov went to Lokomotiv. Otherwise, the army team managed without serious losses and were able to keep almost the entire championship team. The main achievement of managers is the signing of a contract with 27-year-old Maxim Mamin. They managed to bring back a hockey player from the NHL in the prime of his life – such luck turns up extremely rarely.

Sergey Andronov

Sergey Andronov

Photo: Yury Kuzmin,

What need to do: if the army team does not agree with Alexander Popov, CSKA will turn into a very young team. It is possible that Muscovites will work on the search for a wise veteran in the near future.


What is done: the St. Petersburg army, on the contrary, conducted a thorough personnel audit, but there were no options. SKA suddenly missed all the legionnaires and Andrei Kuzmenko, let Anton Burdasov go home to Traktor, did not follow the path of compromise with the young star Kirill Marchenko and easily gave Vladimir Tkachev to Avangard.

Seven major losses in the KHL in the offseason.  Without them, Russian hockey will be worse
Seven major losses in the KHL in the offseason. Without them, Russian hockey will be worse

For the role of the leader, St. Petersburg residents wrote out Damir Zhafyarov. It is assumed that Nikolai Prokhorkin, Marat Khairullin and Artyom Fedorov will join him, but whether they are ready to play in the shock link of the top club is a mystery.

What need to do: The army team managed to keep the middle core of the team, so there are still a lot of players in the club’s system. SKA should think about how to arrange some profitable exchanges with their participation – however, in St. Petersburg they are reluctant to resort to such measures. Another important task is to reach an agreement with Nikita Gusev. The 30-year-old striker is still looking across the Atlantic, but SKA needs him far more than any other NHL club.

Dynamo Moscow

What is done: blue and white easily said “bye” to the players who have personified the club for the last time. Shipachev, Voynov and Galiev strengthened Dynamo’s potential competitor in the fight for the Cup – Ak Bars. Artyom Fedorov went to SKA, Alexander Petunin was exchanged to Severstal, and promising Alexander Kisakov flew to conquer North America.

Instead, the Muscovites brought together a trio of former Avangard players (Kablukov, Gotovets, Martynov), changed the goalkeeper team and made several more dubious acquisitions – for example, they considered the return of the Belarusian Maxim Sushko from the AHL, who had not previously shone in Dynamo Minsk, to be strengthened. “.

Alexey Kudashov

Alexey Kudashov

Photo: Sergey Babunov,

What need to do: club officials have repeatedly stressed that in the new season they will bet on a team of well-trained hockey players without outstanding resumes. But from the transfer campaign of Muscovites still breathes sadness. Perhaps Alexey Kudashov came up with a clear plan on how to work with a team without a single star, but if the Muscovites want to score, then the search for players with the ability to do so is still worth doing.


What is done: Yaroslavl limited the market to minimal movements. Lokomotiv finally said goodbye to legionnaires, including Edward Pasquale. His place at the gate will be taken by Ivan Bocharov – this is hardly the goalkeeper that the Volgaites dreamed of, but in the current situation there is no choice.

But Lokomotiv received significant reinforcements with attackers. Sergei Andronov, obviously, came under the patronage of Igor Nikitin – he will probably add muscle and spirituality to the team. But the Loko coaches have the right to expect a productive game from the ex-forward of Torpedo Ivan Chekhovich.

What need to do: According to Nikitin, Lokomotiv is ready to enter the new season with those players who have already arrived in Yaroslavl. At the same time, the railway workers, the head coach says, would not refuse a few more attackers and would like to see Artyom Anisimov in the team.

The years have not gone unnoticed.  How Russian KHL coaches have changed in 15 years
The years have not gone unnoticed. How Russian KHL coaches have changed in 15 years


What is done: Cherepovites lost three legionnaires and found an alternative to only one of them, and therefore, of course, became weaker. At the same time, the Russian backbone of the team is in place. In addition, Andrei Razin pulled out two forwards from the VHL – and if the head coach manages to make them famous, no one will be surprised.

Andrey Razin

Andrey Razin

Photo: Korkka Alexander,

What need to do: Severstal’s opportunities are severely limited – there is no need to count on new transfers, so the Steelworkers have no choice but to train.


What is done: until the last days, Spartak could compete with Dynamo in terms of the scale of losses. When all the former foreigners, Sergei Shirokov and even Vladimir Galuzin, left the red-and-white Moscow, it became completely unclear who would play in attack.

Over time, the “Spartacists” found the answer to this question. They managed to save Kugryshev, Loktionov and Khokhlacheva, as well as lure Roman Starchenko and two legionnaires – Philip Varone and Shane Prince. Perhaps the club hopes that one of the less noticeable newcomers will be able to shoot – Spartak was looking for them in all parts of the world. As a result, the team was replenished with players who previously played in the VHL, OHL, USHL and Kazakhstan.

What need to do: Muscovites have more acquisitions than losses. Now the red-whites need to “pack up” those who have already joined them.


What is done: “Knights” noticeably strengthened over the summer. Vyacheslav Butsaev returned to coaching, Vitaly Menshikov will add experience in defense, Vladimir Galuzin in attack, and Alexander Avtsin and Vladislav Kara should make the team faster. On the other hand, excellent legionnaires – what has always kept Vityaz afloat – will no longer be in the club near Moscow.

What need to do: deal with the goalkeepers. In addition to Dmitry Shikin and Ilya Yezhov, Vityaz has three more goalkeepers on viewing contracts.


What is done: Nizhny Novgorod parted ways with the team’s two strongest forwards – Chekhovich and Zhafyarov. But quantitatively, “Torpedo” can feel in a winning position. Nizhny Novgorod took 13 players to replace the six who left. Nikolai Kovalenko, Ziyat Paygin, who returned from Sweden, as well as Igor Larionov Jr. and Japanese Yu Sato will try themselves in the club system.

Not exotic, but a creature of the coach.  How did the first Japanese hockey player get into the KHL?
Not exotic, but a creature of the coach. How did the first Japanese hockey player get into the KHL?

What need to do: The torpedoists, of course, would need an attack leader, but where to get it?

Dynamo Minsk

What is done: Dynamo can not worry only about the goalkeeper’s line. Minsk residents have issued lease rights for Konstantin Shostak from Severstal. His backup will be another promising Belarusian – Aleksey Kolosov. The rest of the lines are more difficult. Minsk residents have returned Kozun and Spooner, but there is nothing more to be happy about.

What need to do: it is necessary to find and sign field players.


What is done: southerners have every right to be proud of their transfer campaign. Sochi waited for Andrei Altybarmakyan, Dmitry Zavgorodny and Alexei Melnichuk from North America, took Nikita Pivtsakin from Amur, and Artyom Tyanulin from Torpedo.

What need to do: the club, which did not make it to the playoffs last season, will not need any strengthening, but Sochi residents are unlikely to make any personnel changes before the start of the season – there are simply no such opportunities.

Non-stop matches and an exception for Avangard.  The main thing about the calendar of the new KHL season
Non-stop matches and an exception for Avangard. The main thing about the calendar of the new KHL season


What is done: The Red Stars were the last of the KHL clubs to appoint a head coach. Kunlun will be led by Greg Ireland, who previously worked with the Italian national team. True, it is still completely unclear who exactly the Canadian specialist will train. In the official database of contracts, Kunlun registered only one contract – with goalkeeper Jeremy Smith. Various media claimed that the leaders of the “Kunlun” completed the team, but there is still no documentary evidence of this.

What need to do: maybe withdraw from the championship?

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