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The results of the offseason in the KHL: what did and what should be done by the clubs of the Eastern Conference before the season 2022/2023


In the KHL, most of the transfer campaign has been left behind. “Championship” tells what losses the clubs in the Eastern Conference have faced and what acquisitions they can boast of.

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“AK Bars”

What is done: if the league kept a ranking of the most successful clubs of the offseason, then this summer this activity would be the most pointless in the world. Oleg Znarok, Vadim Shipachev, Stanislav Galiev, Vyacheslav Voynov, Alexander Radulov, Vasily Tokranov, Kirill Semyonov – recently all these people have been united by belonging to the same team, its name is Ak Bars.

Oleg Znarok

Photo: ak-bars.ru

What need to do: now managers and coaches have to make sure that the team of stars does not believe the numerous observers who are already ready to transport the Gagarin Cup to Kazan. In Ak Bars they must build a real team and exclude hatred moods – then the path to the title will open.


What is done: while the “leopards” formed a dream team under their banners, the “hawks” sat in ambush. For a long time, Omsk citizens could not find a replacement for the departed legionnaires, Captain Emelin and the resourceful attackers Soshnikov and Prokhorkin. Instead of top hockey players, managers invited those who are considered to be middle peasants – Alexander Gorshkov, Fedor Malykhin, Fedor Belyakov …

But over time, the situation improved: the managers kept Korban Knight, returned Reed Boucher and Vladimir Tkachev, and also signed two more foreigners whose capabilities, however, are not very well known.

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What need to do: Without Ville Pokka and Oliver Kaska, the Avangard defense makes a much less grandiose impression, and Anton Belov or Christian Jarosh, who is leaving the fair, is unlikely to be able to take on all the functions of the Finns. It follows that strong defenders will obviously not interfere with the Siberians. In addition, it is difficult to maintain confidence in goalkeepers: Vasily Demchenko has not been number one for a long time, and Stanislav Galimov lost the competition to his backup in the Finnish championship last season. Perhaps Avangard should now look at the goalie market.


What is done: Metallurg focused on keeping the silver roster. “Steelworkers” did not even try to fight other giants of the East in transfer activity. As a result, out of 11 newcomers, only four played for KHL clubs last season. The most famous among them is goalkeeper Edward Pasquale.

What need to do: the departure of Grigory Dronov, Mikhail Pashnin and Linus Hulström is not a disaster for Ilya Vorobyov. The former missed almost the entire last regular season, while the latter often missed playoff matches. However, the Urals did not find defenders comparable in strength – and this is not the case when it is worth giving up the search.

“Salavat Yulaev”

What is done: in Ufa, too, they did not dare to tear to the root and refused even a hint of perestroika. All transfer gestures Yulaevtsy made solely out of necessity. Goalkeepers Metsola and Sharychenkov left – Kareev and Yezhov came; the punchy forward Khokhryakov left – the power Timkin came. An exception to the club’s calm policy is the signing of former NHL player Josh Ho-Sang, who, in addition to his extraordinary skills, has a scandalous reputation.

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What need to do: prepare for the next game.


What is done: Chelyabinsk residents waited for Anton Burdasov from a long tour. After a ten-year absence, the striker returned to his hometown, and his transfer became Traktor’s main achievement in the offseason.

Anton Burdasov

Photo: Pavel Tabarchuk, photo.khl.ru

What need to do: behind the foreign attackers who left the Urals after the playoffs, a scorched field formed, and then Vitaly Kravtsov once again decided to go to conquer the NHL. Traktor really needs forwards for the first link.


What is done: Ekaterinburg residents can be proud of the fact that they managed to recruit hockey players of a completely different plan. The colors of Avtomobilist will now be defended by Igor Bobkov, who has been sitting on the bench and, as a result, motivated; experienced, but not losing speed sniper Sergei Shirokov, an excellent assistant Curtis Volk, and the Urals hardly regret the departure of Sergei Shumakov.

What need to do: Now is the time for hard work for coaches. Nikolai Zavarukhin and his staff need to correctly distribute new and old assets, and also resolve the issue with goalkeepers. Now, from the players of this role in Avtomobilist, you can glue a full-fledged five.

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What is done: Novosibirsk parted ways with the triumvirate of attackers who have always been on the radar – Milovzorov, Kruchinin, Lee. In a different situation, this would be a reason for sadness, but Kirill Fastovsky managed to find an adequate alternative. Tyler Beck is going to the banks of the Ob, who is still very dangerous at the KHL level, as well as Vyacheslav Osnovin.

What need to do: for at least one more creative forward, work in Siberia would have been found.


What is done: the Nur-Sultan club is one of the main victims of this summer. Some of the high-profile legionnaires of Barys returned to Europe, while others were torn off with their hands in Russian KHL clubs. So, Valery Orekhov joined Magnitogorsk, Volk joined Avtomobilist, Starchenko joined Spartak. Barca entered into labor relations with three new foreigners, and five more Kazakhs were invited to viewing contracts. However, such measures will not make up for all the losses.

Roman Starchenko

Photo: Anton Basanaev, photo.khl.ru

What need to do: find many new players


What is done: By acquiring Janis Kalnins, the Khabarovsk team closed the goalkeeping issue, namely, the goalkeeper in Amur, as a rule, is half of the team. In addition, the Far East agreed with a whole galaxy of young hockey players from Ivan Nikolishin and Kirill Slepts to Vyacheslav Gretsky, who once shone at the All-Star Game.

What need to do: at the same time, “Amur” did not reach an agreement with the elders: Alexander Gorshkov, Roman Lyubimov, Nikita Pivtsakin will start the season in new teams, so several experienced fighters in Khabarovsk are needed.


What is done: Nizhnekamsk lost the duet of legionnaires Knot – Klok and their great hope – Marat Khairullin. The only serious transfer is Denis Parshin. But will the age striker be able to support an outsider club after the season in Slovakia?

What need to do: after the departure of the Czechs, Neftekhimik needs at least a couple of quality defenders.


What is done: 16 hockey players moved to Vladivostok at once, mostly those who do not have significant experience in playing in the KHL and cling to the Admiral as the last chance to make themselves known.

What need to do: rate on motivated youth, of course, does not add skill to the team. “Admiral” will miss defenders Belyakov and Fazylzyanov, forwards Obidin and Lugin. However, taking into account the fact that the Vladivostok residents gained much more on the market than they lost, they are unlikely to be in the mood to negotiate with other newcomers.


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