The results of the semi-finals of the Youth Hockey World Championship, Canada and Finland will play in the finals of the Ice Hockey World Championship

“It’s a brutal defeat.” The Swedes are disappointed with the next flight to the MFM in hockey

Egor Bulchuk

Canada and Finland reached the final of the MFM-2022

Tre krunur fans offer the most extravagant ways to help the team’s attack.

The finalists have been determined at the Youth Ice Hockey World Championship, which takes place in Edmonton. The hosts of the tournament, the Canadians, were the first to participate in the game for gold. “Maple Leaves” did not play on the nerves of local fans and with a large margin overcame the resistance of their rivals – the Czechs.

The Canadians, in a typical manner, invested in the first minutes of the match to the fullest. Endless throws, power moves, high speeds – in the starting period, the Czechs had a hard time. Under the crazy onslaught, the Europeans held out exactly half of the segment, and the further, the less intrigue became in this game. In the 11th minute, Kent Johnson opened the scoring, five minutes later Connor Bedard doubled the lead – 2:0.

Video review of the match.

In the second period, the Czechs desperately tried to indicate their own disagreement with such a score. According to the results of the segment, they even transferred the opponent – 16:11. However, the Czechs could not extract any dividends from the statistical superiority. Instead, they pulled two more pucks out of their gates: Logan Stankoven and Mason McTavish each scored a goal.

The third twenty-minute period turned into a formality, although the Czech Republic fought to the last. During the break, the coaches of the national team castrated the goalkeepers, and 10 minutes later they got a reason to rejoice: Jan Myshak cleared one goal. After a few shifts, David Irzhichek reduced the gap to two goals.

The Czechs seemed to have a hope for a unique comeback, but it did not happen. The Canadians, who missed the threads of the game, gathered and answered almost immediately: Joshua Roy set the final result – 5:2. Canada – for the third time in a row in the final of the MFM.

“This is very, very cool,” Connor Bedard, one of the favorites for the next NHL draft, praised the performance of the national team. – I still don’t really believe it. We are very excited about the opportunity to play in the final. I think we’ve been playing really well since the start. Of course, we can sag from time to time, but I think we basically keep the game under control.

“A tough match,” stated the Czech forward Jakub Kos, his words are quoted by the official website of the IIHF. – We conceded two goals in the first period, but did not give up. We tried to fight in the second period, and we succeeded. But we got stupid send-offs twice and conceded in the minority both times. That was the key moment in the game.”

“One of the biggest disappointments in history.” Americans sensationally thrown out of the MFM

The second semi-final turned out to be much less eventful – at least in terms of effective actions. The fate of the confrontation between the Finns and the Swedes was decided by a single throw. In the 26th minute of the meeting, it was performed by the Finnish defender Kasper Puutio, who converted the majority.

Video review of the match.

In part, it was the removals that prevented Tre Krunur from reaching the final. The Swedes remained in the minority four times, and for a variety of reasons – from delaying the game to breaking the strength.
“We were very smart with the puck,” Puutio said. “We didn’t make any mistakes on the blue line, and when they pressed us, we blocked the shots.”

“It’s not easy to think about what went wrong right after a game,” Swedish captain Emil André made no secret of his disappointment. “It’s a brutal defeat. They slowed us down in their zone. We didn’t spend enough time there. But this is a 1-0 game, it could have been a winner.”

Fans of the Swedish team did not agree with Andre. In social networks, Emil and his partners are criticized for their toothless game in attack, which led to another overflight of “tre krunur” at the MFM – the Swedes have not won this tournament for 10 years.

“Do they know you have to play offensively to win?” – asks the user under the nickname @brobbish. User @OntarioOilers even made a suggestion for the goalkeeper of the Swedish national team: “Wallstedt should learn how to score goals.”

The Three Crowns team will have a chance to rehabilitate itself in front of its own fans today at 23:00 Moscow time – at this time its match with the Czechs for third place will begin. Canada and Finland will take to the ice at 3:00. They will play each other for the first time in the MFM final.

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