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Rugby balls - 1920, 07/22/2022


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MOSCOW, 22 Jul – The Rugby Union of England has submitted a recommendation to the governing board of the organization to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s competitions, according to the organization’s website.
In the fall of 2020, the union began a review of the current policy regarding the participation of transgender people in women’s competitions. After extensive consultation, the union concluded that “there are physical differences between males and females, and the advantages in strength, endurance and physique brought about by male puberty, the differences are significant and persist even after testosterone suppression.”
It is noted that players whose gender at birth was female can compete in men’s competitions if they give their written consent and a risk assessment is carried out.
In 2021, a transgender athlete took part in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time. In the women’s part of the weightlifting competition in the weight category up to 87 kg, New Zealander Laurel Hubbard took the last place, having failed to complete a single attempt.
In June, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) tightened the rules for the participation of transgender people in competitions, later the president of the World Athletics Association (World Athletics), Sebastian Coe, announced this intention. The International Football Federation (FIFA) is also planning to review its policy regarding the admission of transgender people. In Germany, on June 23, transgender football players were allowed to choose their own team, regardless of gender.


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