A video appeared showing Pinyaev walking with a strange bottle after the hospital. Why does she need him

Dmitry Zimin

Dmitry Zimin

The state of health of Sergey Pinyaev

It seems that Sergei is on the mend.

On June 20, one of the main Russian talents, Sergei Pinyaev, was taken from training to the hospital. The football player was hospitalized due to the fact that he fell during training, feeling pain and weakness. The clinic took an x-ray and diagnosed pneumothorax. Since that moment, Sergey has been treated, but, apparently, things are on the mend. Yesterday, a video appeared on social networks, where the striker is already walking around Samara. True, there is something unusual in this: in his hand he holds a bottle, which, with the help of a special medical tube, helps to avoid a relapse. The football player himself joked that you can drink from it. And his friend said that everything is fine with Sergey.

This is confirmed by the doctor of the Spartak Academy, Nikita Karlitsky, who told the Championship that this is a common procedure.

“It is a standard procedure that in the event of re-formation of air between the lungs and the diaphragm, the air, due to pressure, leaves through this hole and enters the bottle. People after pneumothorax walk with this bottle for some time, there is nothing to worry about, ”Karlitsky said.

So for now, everything is going according to plan.

Sergey Pinyaev

Sergey Pinyaev

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When should Pinyaev return?

The most up-to-date data was given at the Friday press conference by the head coach of Krylia Sovetov Igor Osinkin. True, he did not give exact dates. But he optimistically stated that the treatment can pass very quickly.

“As for Pinyaev, there was already enough medical evidence. He was examined once, the next examination – deeper and more specific – should be in a few days. With this disease, sometimes people recover very quickly – there are such examples. Sometimes there are other times as well. It is difficult for us to talk about this topic – medical workers should talk about it. We must wish him good health, thank everyone who reacted to this, to put it mildly, unpleasant event. The club received many words of support. We hope this disease will not prevent Serezha from continuing to please us, ”said Osinkin.

Interestingly, Pinyaev is not the first RPL player to face such a problem. In 2017, a similar story happened to the Croatian Ante Vukusic, who was supposed to play for Tosno. As a result, he did not play a single game, but cured pneumothorax and continued his career. That’s what the club’s doctor Yaroslav Bugaev said to the “Championship”.

Pinyaev has lung problems.  What happened and how long the recovery will take, the doctor explained
Pinyaev has lung problems. What happened and how long the recovery will take, the doctor explained

“They took me to a thoracic surgeon in a Moscow clinic. They put a drain there to straighten the lung. For five days he lay with drainage – the lung either straightened out, then subsided again. In a simple case, the lung would have expanded and overgrown, but Vukushich has a long-standing and neglected process: if it is overgrown in one place, it can break in another. They decided to operate and removed the upper part of the lung, where the air came from. All three years, the pneumothorax periodically resolved on its own. The lack of sports results is also connected with this. After the operation, Vukusic will be able to play football at a professional level, ”the words of the doctor.

Vukusic is still playing. His current club is Serbian Kolubara. So we expect that Pinyaev will be all right.

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