The Supercopa Tournament semifinals: Barcelona lost, Messi’s wishes did not materialize


Barcelona lost in the semifinals of today’s Supercopa tournament against Atletico Madrid. In the Supercopa Tournament semifinals, Atletico Madrid defeated Barcelona to 3-2 in the tournament.

Barcelona Lionel Messi said the result hurt the team and expressed his displeasure over the number of errors committed by the Spanish side.

“Lots of shame, we played great on the field. We were playing well on the field, the match was under our control. We invade Atletico Madrid all the time.

With Atletico already dead, in less than 10 minutes we have let go of some mistakes. They turned a game we should have seen out,” quoted Messi as saying.

Lionel Messi says more – “It hurts because it is a title and we wanted to be in the final and win it. We showed a different side to what we have been showing recently against Espanyol and at the end of last year, we played a good game but sadly we couldn’t get the victory,”

“Despite the defeat, we have taken a step today but we are aware that we have not done things the way we want, we do not want to make this childish mistake again,” Messi said.

Atletico scored a great goal in the last ten minutes, with Atletico winning the game 3-2.

The Supercopa tournament final match will be played on Sunday in the Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid.

(This article sourced: ANI)

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