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The Ukrainian national team at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics won two medals and took 31st place – is this a failure?


One of the most notable dramas of the eventful 2022 World Championships in Athletics was the defeat of the Ukrainian high jumper Yaroslava Mighty. In the absence of the Olympic champion from Russia Maria Lasitskene, all experts gave the victory to Yaroslava. But the forecasts did not come true, and the Ukrainian could not get the gold. In total, for the 2022 World Cup, the Ukrainian team won two medals and took only 31st place in the medal standings. Is it a failure?

Mighty could not

It must be admitted that even before the start of the 2022 World Championship, the Ukrainians did not count on a scattering of medals. Two or three medals seemed quite real. Among the top hopes were Yaroslava Moguchikh in the high jump and Marina Bekh-Romanchuk in the long jump and triple jump.

Yaroslava Moguchikh, the world indoor champion, had every chance to win gold again. Given that the main rival from Russia did not come to the tournament, and the strong competitor from Australia is not in perfect shape.

Everything went to victory. Mightykh passed the qualification without any problems and the first attempts in the final, and the Ukrainian made a mistake at a height of 2.02. In the first attempt, Yaroslava knocked down the bar, while her rival Eleanor Patterson conquered the height without any problems. On the second attempt, the Ukrainian took 2.02 m, but it was no longer possible to jump higher. In the dry residue – only silver.

“I am glad that I won this silver,” Mighty admitted. – It is the second for me at the World Championships. There was a good atmosphere, I enjoyed my jumps. It is morally difficult to compete and focus on jumping, but we have to do it and show results.”

Yaroslav the Mighty

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Departed in one place, arrived in another

According to a similar scenario, another Ukrainian jumper Marina Bekh-Romanchuk almost passed the tournament. In March, she won silver at the World Indoor Championships in the triple jump, setting a personal best. And at the 2022 World Cup in Eugene, she easily qualified for the finals in both of her disciplines. It seemed that everything was really going to a medal, if not to victory, because Marina went to the finals from the second and fourth places.

However, in the decisive stages, everything did not go according to plan. In the final of the triple jump, Bekh-Romanchuk became the penultimate one – 11th, showing a result much worse than in the qualification (14.54 m against 13.91 m). In the long jump, the situation repeated itself: Marina was eighth with 6.82 m (6.81 m in qualifying).

“My World Cup is over, and things didn’t turn out the way I thought or imagined. Upset? Yes… Very… But the season is not over and I will still have the opportunity to fix everything and raise the morale of my fans with my results. Thanks to everyone who was sick, sick and believes. And I thank everyone for the kind words, ”Marina wrote on social networks.

However, if in one place it departed, then in another it arrived. Instead of Beh, the World Championship medal was won by Andrei Protsenko in the high jump. The Ukrainian, to his own surprise, qualified without any problems, which he had not been able to do at the previous six World Cups. In the final, Andrey jumped 2.33 m, showing his best result of the season and winning bronze.

Andrey Protsenko

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So Ukraine failed or not?

With two medals, the Ukrainian team became 31st in the medal standings, for the fourth time in its history not even reaching the top 20 of the World Cup. At the same time, such a result is not an anti-record. The Ukrainians performed worst of all in 2003: they won three bronze medals and stopped only in 38th place in the overall standings.

Of course, when compared with the previous World Cup in Doha, the Ukrainian team dropped by 10 places. But only then the team also had two medals: the silver of the Mighty and the silver of Beh. And if we talk about the position in the standings, now the Ukrainians have repeated the result of the 2017 World Cup. Then, with one silver from Yulia Levchenko, the team took 31st place in the medal top.

In general, over the past four world championships, Ukrainians have won seven medals, while in one tournament they have never managed to put more than two medals into the piggy bank. At the 2015 World Cup there were silver and bronze, at the 2017 World Cup – silver, at the 2019 World Cup – two silvers and at the 2022 World Cup – silver and bronze. The last gold medal for the Ukrainian team was at the 2013 World Cup, held in Moscow.

So the results of the Ukrainian national team at the current World Cup definitely cannot be called a failure. Two medals is the norm for this team.

And do not forget that if Russia went to the 2022 World Cup, it would probably also be located in the overall standings somewhere near Ukraine. So far, both teams can only dream of the super results of the same Americans.


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