The whims fooled all "Tampa": even Vasilevsky did not save NHL champions

Kaprizov’s transfer helped Minnesota beat Tampa, Vasilevsky reflected 33 shots

The matches between Tampa Bay Lightning and Minnesota Wild are always the guarantor of a spectacle that keeps them in suspense until the final hockey players leave the ice in the locker rooms. This confrontation stands out for its enormous performance, not to mention the fact that the “savages” remain one of the most uncomfortable rivals for the current Stanley Cup winners. The teams put on great shows on a regular basis. At the beginning of the week, they staged a real goal shootout, the winner from which came out the “Lightning” (5: 4 PB), which turned out to be a little more accurate in the shootout. And it is very symbolic that it was “Tampa” with “Minnesota” that ended this week with a fiery battle.
The teams did not postpone the matter indefinitely and scored three goals for two already in the first period. The score was opened in the 12th minute by the owners of the site in Saint-Paul. Nick Bugstad escaped at speed from the defenders on the right edge, went to the goal and carefully sent the puck right over the shoulder of Andrey Vasilevsky. The best goalkeeper in the world could only shake his head in surprise as the projectile managed to slip by the collar.
It took Tampa less than a minute to regain the status quo. It is symbolic that it was Corey Perry who managed to excel – the Canadian NHL veteran has consistently gained points in four games in a row and is increasingly getting used to celebrating goals for his new team. For Russian hockey fans, Perry’s next goal is also pleasant because Mikhail Sergachev contributed to it. The mega-talented Russian has given five assists in the last five games!
But if the performance of the defenders of “Tampa” can really boast, then the successful implementation of their immediate tasks – no. Minnesota’s second goal in today’s game only once again showed the Lightning’s defensive mechanism to be seriously malfunctioning. The defenders at their goal were unable to sort out each other in order to throw the puck out of the zone, and eventually presented it to the opponent. Viktor Rask was just waiting for this and gladly entered his name into the match report.
The fact that Vasilevsky regularly had to enter the game speaks about the bad play of “Tampa” in defense. In one match, as many as 36 shots were made on his goal, of which the Russian goalkeeper reflected 33. And Andrei, in his own style, not only saved, but also did it beautifully. Just what is the episode at the end of the second period, when Vasilevsky literally lured the Minnesota players into the “Try it for me” attraction and made three beautiful saves within a few seconds. The defenders of “Tampa” just watched what was happening, and only Zak Bogosyan helped his goalkeeper, at the cost of removing the gate moved.
Shortly before that, “Tampa” managed to level the score again. Alex Killorn, after winning a throw-in in a foreign zone, calmly shifted from right to left and performed a regular throw on the goal in the hope that one of his partners would substitute a stick and ferry the puck past Cam Talbot. But this was not necessary – the Minnesota goalkeeper did not notice the flight of the puck from behind the defenders and found the shell already behind him.
Talbot almost suffered the same fate at the beginning of the third period, when Bogosyan lacked a little performing skills to outwit the goalkeeper “Wild”. Kirill Kaprizov demonstrated how to behave in such moments.
The Russian striker “Minnesota” was criticized a lot at the beginning of the season, and Kirill reacted to all the dirt only by going to the hairdresser and hitting statistics. Before the meeting with “Tampa”, the Russian had 23 points (6 + 17), of which 4 (1 + 3) he chalked up in the game with the Winnipeg Jets. Today Kirill extended his successful streak, but how! The whims alone left in the fools almost the entire composition of “Tampa”, in the style of Connor McDavid, escaping from opponents and making a pass for a penny to a free Ryan Hartman. He also did not blunder and with a beautiful roundhouse throw sent the puck right into the corner. No chance for Vasilevsky.
“Probably, every time Kaprizov assists someone, I’m still surprised at how cool he is passing,” – justly noted one of the fans of “Minnesota” in social networks.
Well, closed all questions about the winner of the match, Marcus Foligno, who, a few seconds before the final siren, hit the already empty net of “Tampa”. 4-2 – Minnesota confirm their status as one of the most uncomfortable opponents for the Lightning and win their third consecutive victory. Ahead of the “savages” is waiting for a short break, and then a home meeting with an outsider in the league, “Arizona”.

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