There Pujara was born with the sensation of the bat, the father and wife were struggling with the problems of life here: IND VS AUS: India had scored 622 runs in the first innings thanks to Pujara’s 193 and Pant’s unbeaten 159, after which captain Kohli announced the innings.

When a player returns to the ground, then his country is the first to leave, leaving all personal problems outside the field, the player only focuses on his game so that he can increase the value of his country and make justice with his game. Even with all these difficulties, if the player shows a flurry with strong enthusiasm, then his passion doubles the respect of that player in the minds of the people. A similar example is made by Team India’s Mr Bharatmand Cheteshwar Pujara, who has scored 193 runs in the fourth match of the Test series being played in Sydney with Australia, and has brought India to the brink of making history.

On one side, the father-wife were battling then Pujara was playing in the amazing innings: In this entire series, Pujara’s bat has got amazing momentum. Pujara has scored the most runs in this series by scoring three hundreds so far. Meanwhile, there has been news that when he was batting sharp in Sydney, his father and only coach Arvind Pujara were admitted to a Mumbai hospital and his wife was discussing about his illness with Pooja Doctors. On the first day of the Sydney Test, on the first day of the Sydney Test, when Pujara was moving closer to his third century in this series, his wife was accompanying his father to a Bandra hospital in a cab in Mumbai.

Please tell that Cheteshwar Pujara father had a heart problem for which he had to be admitted to Rajkot Hospital in Mumbai. The special thing is that his father Arvind Pujara himself is a Ranji player. According to the news, on Thursday, when he was under investigation in the hospital, he was showing more interest in his son’s score update rather than his results. Pujara’s father said that ‘I was listening to people how he is getting praised all over the world’ If someone had any doubts about his batting in someone’s mind then he would have gone away. I will go back home from the hospital and watch the recording of his batting.

Talking about this match, India made 622 runs in the first innings thanks to Pujara’s 193 and Pant’s unbeaten 159, after which captain Kohli announced the innings, after which the captain had announced the innings. In response, Australia’s team started well, but the middle-order again disappointed Australia after one and Australia had scored 236 runs for 6 wickets.

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