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Sreesanth (Image source: Twitter)

This cricketer’s plea to win hearts, says- think about this before charity in Corona era

S. Sreesanth wrote on Instagram to help those who are close to you before donating money to CM or PM funds during the corona virus epidemic. His idea is being praised on Instagram. People agree with him.

The outbreak of the pandemic Corona virus has been suffering the world since last year. People are doing their best to avoid and save from this epidemic. Many people, including celebrities and businessmen, are constantly donating money to the CM and PM funds created to help, but Indian cricketer Shantakumaran Sreesanth has a different opinion about this. He believes that one should think several times before donating to these funds.

Sreesanth, a member of the World Cup winning team, said- Before donating money to CM and PM funds, think about the people who are close to you. About friends and relatives who are financially weak. Help them first, because you can reach them first, not CM and PM.

His idea is being praised on Instagram. People agree with him. It is noteworthy that due to the deaths due to corona virus continuously, questions are constantly being raised on the state governments and the central government.

The number of cases and millions of deaths daily is disastrous. The state governments and the central government are making every effort to control the epidemic.

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