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Thomas Zorn took Beck-Beck to Lokomotiv for € 6 million, and sold him to Nice for € 12 million – a chic transfer


Loko will make a lot of money on the Beka-Bek transfer. So Zorn’s strategy is working?

Grigory Telingater

Forgive us, Thomas!

Doesn’t fit in the head. Lokomotiv sells midfielder Beck-Beck for € 12 million. This is the amount reported by the source of the Championship. Well, then the main football insider of the planet, Fabrizio Romano, said that the Frenchman was moving to Nice for € 12 million + € 2 million as a possible bonus.


Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Right now, Lokomotiv is making a cool deal. Although initially the transfer of Beck-Beck looked doubtful. And the point is not that they took a football player from the second French league – it is quite possible to find strengthening for the RPL clubs there. It was embarrassing that with the cost of a football player at € 800 thousand (Transfermarkt estimate), Loko paid € 6 million for him. With all the errors of Transfermarkt, there was a feeling that they were overpaying for the midfielder.

The most surprising thing in this story: how could a player who played in Russia have risen in price so much? The French perceive our league in much the same way as we do the Qatar championship. Something distant, with inflated salaries and mediocre levels. And at the same time, Beka-Beka did not show anything special in Loko. In 28 matches, he has zero goals and three assists – not a great statistic. Especially against the background of the removal in the last match (although it is not clear why the second yellow card was shown at all).

Yes, we remember that Nice were interested in Beka-Bek a year ago. We remember that in Ligue 1 they can spend a lot of money on the French. Still, the deal is hard to grasp. It always seemed that you need to prove yourself in European competitions or for the national team in order to be noticed. Beck-Beck had six matches in the Europa League, but Lokomotiv never won there and confidently finished last in the group.

It will be possible to believe in such a deal only when it is officially announced. Apparently, it’s a matter of time. The midfielder has already traveled to France to undergo a medical examination. We (and almost all journalists with fans) criticized the current leadership of Loko a lot. Today we must admit: Thomas Zorn did a great job. Lokomotiv suddenly becomes the most profitable RPL team this summer.

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Though it needs to be said. It is too early to say that the German strategy in Loko has justified itself. One great deal clearly does not cover all expenses. Last summer, €42m was spent on transfers, according to Transfermarkt. We will be able to draw some conclusion after another 2-3 years. If such sales continue and cover spending, then we will applaud Lokomotiv together. The locomotive that could.

No, well, just think about it! €12 million for Beka-Bek. It’s scary to think how much Isidor is worth then.



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