“He is greeted like Maradona.” The crowd at the presentation of Dybala in Rome is breathtaking

Kirill Zakatchenko

Kirill Zakatchenko

Paulo Dybala welcomed by thousands of fans

Will the Argentine live up to such expectations from the fans?

A few days ago, striker Paulo Dybala signed a contract with Roma. Several teams playing in the Champions League claimed the player at once, but the Argentine made a choice in favor of the capital club. Today, Dybala was introduced as an Roma player, and his presentation was turned into a real show. The crowd of people attending the event is breathtaking.

The brightest summer transfer in Italy.  Mourinho nicely beats a bunch of competitors
The brightest summer transfer in Italy. Mourinho nicely beats a bunch of competitors

According to the Italian press, more than 10 thousand fans came to Dybala’s presentation. Fans sang the club’s anthem, waved flags, burned pyrotechnics and chanted the name of their new favorite. On some banners there was an image of Paulo with his signature gesture (after goals, the Argentine covers the lower part of his face like a mask). It seems that such powerful techniques have not been seen since Diego Maradona. The entire Roman square was filled with a huge number of people. The presentation took place against the backdrop of the Palace of Italian Civilization. By the way, before the arrival of Dybala, he was painted in the colors of Roma using holograms.

Hello, Rome. Thanks a lot! Dybala said at the presentation. – As I said earlier, I am very pleased to meet the fans of the new club. I played many times against Roma, and the matches in the capital were always difficult. I want to play at the Olimpico as soon as possible and walk this path with all of you. I understand the responsibility that lies with me. Now the most important thing is to get in shape. I want to improve the mood of this fantastic audience.”

By the way, clubs such as Inter and Napoli claimed Dybala, but the Argentine chose Roma after a conversation with Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach colorfully described the new project and persuaded Paulo to sign a contract. Dybala is seen as a backbone football player of Roma and, apparently, for this reason they organized an incredible presentation. Probably, the Argentinean himself, after such a reception, never once doubted his choice. But next season, Roma will not play in the Europa League, as they flew past the top four in Serie A.

Fans on social networks are divided into two camps. They admired the presentation, while others felt with some annoyance that the club was exaggerating the importance of the newcomer.

Dim: “Is this the presentation of Dybala or Totti?”

Tom: “Roma haven’t had a player like him since Totti”

Lebron2332: “Juventus and Inter refused him, and in Rome he will be presented as if he were Maradona. It bothers me.”

HolaSami: “In one day in Rome, he got more emotions than in his entire career in Turin.”

GustavoWhoo: “He is greeted like Maradona.”

Mundo Jerseys: “One of the best presentations in football history.”

Avo: “Tell them someone that this is not Maradona, but only Dybala.”

Francesco Pertici: Roma have great fans, but they don’t have a sense of proportion. The victory in the third European Cup was equated with the victory in the Champions League, and Dybala was transformed into Maradona.

Presentation of Dybala

Presentation of Dybala

Photo: Fabio Rossi/Getty Images

Roman fans are looking forward to the new season with great impatience. According to Vocegiallorossa.it, fans have already bought 41,000 tickets for the friendly match against Shakhtar (August 7), and at least 55,000 spectators are expected for the first Serie A home game against Cremonese (August 22). It remains to be seen whether Roma, led by Mourinho, will be able to live up to the huge expectations of the fans.

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