4 ecologically clean and fascinating places in Russia. Traveler’s Notes

4 ecologically clean places in Russia

Vladimir Vinogradov told where to go for fresh air and fantastic views.

Eco-rest in nature, far from civilization – what residents of big cities need at least once a year. It is also one of the long-term trends in domestic tourism. And if, when looking at a map of Russia, you feel an irresistible desire to go somewhere to the Siberian taiga or the Pacific Ocean, we recommend that you take a closer look at the locations below. Few have heard about them, and impressions – in a million.

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After visiting these places, you will rethink your attitude to travel.

To catch the vibe of a particular region, it is best to visit several locations at once. Those places that we are talking about in the material are a kind of “base” from where you should start your journey and where it will be great to stay. From there, they usually organize excursions to the surroundings, where there are spectacular locations (but, as a rule, you can’t stop there anymore).

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Paratunka, Kamchatka

Traveling around Kamchatka somehow bears the prefix “eco”: most of the routes here are laid through wild forests, near active volcanoes or through untouched alpine meadows. And in order to fully experience the greatness of pristine nature, it is best to go on expeditions around the peninsula from Paratunka, a small village 70 km from Petropavlovsk.

Paratunka is famous for geothermal springs gushing from the bowels of the earth. In addition to the obvious recreational attractiveness, they also play a completely utilitarian role: they provide the village with hot water without a thermal power plant. So, you won’t have to interrupt “for civilization” between trips: the effect of immersion in the nature of Kamchatka will be complete and permanent.

Gunib, Dagestan

The Avar village of Gunib is known primarily as the place where the bitter Caucasian war ended. But, without detracting from the historical significance of the village, travelers are looking for not only artifacts from the Shamil era in Gunib. They are interested in the very opportunity to spend a few days in a mountainous village, spend amazing hours in a local natural park or walk along one of the surrounding trekking routes with a guide.

Rarefied air, aromas of pine needles and mountain herbs, fantastic views – all this helps to reboot in a matter of days and return to the metropolis with renewed vigor and new impressions.

Yailu, Republic of Altai

Yailu or “summer camp” is a small Altai village located in the warmest and most attractive point of Siberia – in the north-west of Lake Teletskoye, on the territory of the Altai State Nature Reserve. The conservation status made it possible to actually conserve the virgin beauty of these places, and the poor road infrastructure enhanced the effect: only a few get to Yaila from the “mainland”. But those who arrive are rewarded in full. When you sit on the shore of Lake Teletskoye overlooking the Altai Mountains, next to a fallen pine tree that continues to grow in spite of everything, you feel the true greatness of nature and how easily and subtly it dominates a person.

Astashovo, Kostroma region

In the forests of the Kostroma province, in its most remote corner, the Astashovo forest tower is hiding from prying eyes – a unique example of how, through the efforts of enthusiasts, rare examples of carved wooden architecture can be revived and updated. Carefully restored and turned into a hotel, it breaks the stereotype that you won’t find untouched nature in the European part of Russia – but no, here it is, just 500 km north of the capital! Despite this, it is better to book a visit to the tower not for a weekend, but for three or four days: this is the only way to have time to fully relax – decorously and measuredly, walking in the forests, riding dog sleds or sailing in a boat on the chamber lake.

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