The five richest Russian UFC fighters. Who will outbid Khabib’s fees?

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Top highest paid Russian UFC fighters

The contenders are a close friend of Orel and our most daring guy.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was the highest paid fighter after Conor McGregor. With his departure, Dana White lost not only the dominator, but also an important source of income. Nevertheless, Russia is represented by many fighters in the UFC. But none of them reached the indicators of the Eagle. Let’s see how much active Russian fighters have earned since 2020.

5. Islam Makhachev – $ 563 thousand

Khabib’s successor hasn’t competed in 2020 but has made great progress in the lightweight rankings for 2021. Since the opposition to Islam was not the most outstanding, the fees were appropriate. For victories over Drew Dober, Thiago Moises and Dan Hooker, Makhachev received a little over $100,000.

Already in the status of a fighter in the top 5 division, he began to earn almost twice as much. So, for a duel with Bobby Green, the Russian received $ 211 thousand. For his next fight, he will definitely earn even more money. His status should imply a significant increase in earnings.

4. Magomed Ankalaev – $ 741 thousand

Magomed Ankalaev

Magomed Ankalaev

Photo: Getty Images

Another representative of the top 5, but in light heavyweight. Since Magomed simply modestly proves his superiority by deed, he does not receive the highest fees for his performances. He, like Makhachev, earned about $ 100 thousand per fight. But for the last performance against Thiago Santos, Ankalaev received a record check of $ 325 thousand. Membership in the pool of main contenders for the UFC champion belt gives good financial profits.

3. Alexey Oleinik – $ 871 thousand

Regular exits to the octagon are directly related to the amount of money earned. Over the past six fights, Alexey has earned almost $ 1 million. But his financial condition primarily depends on the outcome of the fight and bonuses. For example, Oleinik received less than $100 thousand for the fight with Derrick Lewis. And for the last victory over Jared Vanderaa, Alexei earned $205 thousand. Therefore, when Oleinik enters the octagon, you should always remember that he is not serving a number, but money. And for serious ones.

2. Alexander Volkov – $1.08 million

The first millionaire from our selection. Alexander Volkov has fought six fights since 2020 and won three. The most interesting thing is that the largest fee was in the lost battle with Tom Aspinall at a tournament in London ($ 295 thousand). The status of the headliner turned out to be very useful. This is more than in a victorious fight with Marcin Tybura at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, Drago was included in the main card of the tournament.

Alexander Volkov and Marcin Tybura

Alexander Volkov and Marcin Tybura

Photo: Chris Unger/Getty Images

But the second-highest purse was earned in a fight with Alistair Overeem ($ 225 thousand), when the Russian, in fact, ended his career as a Destroyer. However, his salary depends on the result. So, for example, Drago received $85,000 for losing a fight with Curtis Blades and $106,000 for a fight with Cyril Gan.

1. Petr Yan – $1.1 million

In order to break through the millionth ceiling, 4 fights were enough for Peter Yan. For the victory over Jose Aldo, the Russian earned $ 230 thousand. The difference in fees between the first and second meetings with Algemain Sterling is surprising. Although Peter was equally highly quoted in both meetings with Sterling.

For the first fight, Ian earned $150,000, and for the rematch – $442,000. Moreover, for the second loss from Aljo, the Russian fighter received another $10,000 in bitcoins according to the results of the audience voting.


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